From the Archives : Use “Shaving Oil” to get rid of unwanted hair {Skin Care}

I would like to share an absolutely fabulous home remedy today. Shaving Oil. This is to bring to kind attention of all people who like to shave, you can consider using a shaving oil instead of the shaving gels, creams or hair conditioners or whatever you use.

And, the best part is you do not have to go and hunt for a shaving oil in the market. You can use any oil available in your kitchen. Be sure to use only vegetable oils or pure oils. It might sound weird for you to hear that we can use an oil as an alternative to shave.

But, it works fabulously and gives a much cleaner and safer shave than any richly foaming hair conditioner or shaving creams.

What are the advantages of Shaving Oil over Shaving Creams and other products?
  • No chemicals. While shaving, any cream or gel might enter your body or react with your skin. It might give you rashes or allergies. Shaving Oil is nothing but a moisturizing ingredient so you would not feel any rash.
  • Oil moisturizes your skin well so there is no dryness which happens after shaving.
  • Oil helps the razor to glide smoothly so it gives a much cleaner and closer shave. You would love the way your skin feels afterward. Also, you would not suffer from any nicks and cuts while shaving due to the smooth gliding motion
  • Oil can be used anywhere on the body safely. You can apply oil on your pubic area also without having second thoughts where as other methods (use of gels and creams) might cause allergic reactions on sensitive parts of the bodies and might become big problems. You can also use this method to shave the genatalia.
  • You can easily shave a dense growth of hair too after applying the oil.There is a less risk of ingrown hair.
  • And, lastly, it costs much less so saves your pocket money or you can use the same money to buy something more worthwhile.
What is shaving oil made of?
I am not talking about a particular kind of oil which is known as shaving oil. By Shaving Oil, I mean using oil for shave. You can use any kind of an oil available at home which you are not allergic too. You may even mix 2-3 oils of your choice.

The ideal oils for shaving are: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil.

You may use them individually. If you would like to blend more than one oil, you can pour equal quantities of all the oils you want to use in a jar for storage. Make an exception while using Castor oil as it is very thick. Always use half quantity of Castor oil as that of other oils.
How to shave using shaving oil?
  • Do not wet the body part you want to shave.
  • Apply the oil very generously over the area you want to shave and massage the area well for 5 minutes to make the hair soft.
  • Now, gently shave with the razor. 
  • After the shave, you can take a bath. Do not use soap on the shaved area. Instead, use enough hot water to wash off the oil. 
  • You may consider sanitizing your razor.
I urge you earnestly to try this once. I have tried it and have fallen in love with it. This method gave me the smoothest shave ever in my life till now. And, the shaved skin does not hurt or irritate the way it used to earlier. I am looking forward to your comments about your experience with this method.

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  1. Anonymous says

    hello! well I shaved with lots of warm luke water and I let Dove with essential oils bodywash sit there for almost 30 minutes. I want to try what you described here. Sounds pretty good.I’ll do this methos next time! By the way, should I re-apply almond, or olive oil after I shaved the pubic area?Just wondering! Thanks

  2. says

    You can apply the oil to the pubic area if you wish. That will just be a matter of moisturizing. You can use anything like your creams or body lotions too. It is recommended so that you do not face any irritation and itchiness in the area.
    Do post your experience whether good or bad. And, be generous with the amount of oil you apply. More oil you apply, you will notice a foam kind of texture starting to form.

  3. Anonymous says

    Silly question here but when your shaving, do you use the shaver just as you would shaving the normal way, put the razor in water to get rid of all the hairs then shave as normal, sorry :/

    • says

      hey…m not really sure of that! the head might get really dirty so you have to keep it clean regularly and as to whether the shaver will do a good job is something i can not tell!!

  4. says

    oh my god swati…this is unbelievable…tried the shaving oil method yesterday…im in luv with my legs…thanks sweets :)

    thanks a heap for this wonderful blog…a BIGGGGGG fan of urs…am trying the onion juice method for hairloss as im on the verge of being called a bald person…also trying out the banana peel method…keep writing….


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