Thanking You All!!!

So, finally, I spent the entire Eid holiday and got done with answering all the comments!! Thank you all so much for so many comments and I am really sorry for not being very regular at that. But, for all the queries you all sent me and questions you have asked, I have replied each and everyone. Let me know if something is left out. Also, now a days I am being very regular with checking mails and answering the queries in the mails so feel free to send over your doubts. 
Also, it has been a week that I have started updating the Perfect Skin Care for you facebook page with small tidbits and other things so feel free to join me there. Also, I would like to mention that just yesterday, the facebook page crossed the 1k mark and I have published over 1100 posts in these 3 years!! And, the fourth anniversary is already coming up in December. So, thank you all for supporting the blog and being with me all the time!! Hope to see more of you :)


  1. femi says

    Hi, am having very black spot and it’s many on my face, its been 3 yrs now it is pimples b4 but now d black spot remain adamant….and still some pimples…now i am hugly…what can i use pls?

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