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Exercises are important part of our regimen. But, there are some parts of the body where if fat gets accumulated, it becomes difficult to cut down by regular exercise. I am  talking, here, about belly fat which affects many people and they find it difficult to remove. There are some yoga postures which, if practiced daily, would help in reducing belly fat and also in reducing the body weight.


Sit with legs crossed. Reach your arms backwards and hold your left wrist with your right hand behind your back. Then, bend forward, bringing your forehead and nose in contact with the floor. Breathe out during the process. Maintain this state for 8 seconds and then rise, breathing in. Practice 8 times. This is one of the essential asanas for women. It should be practiced everyday.

Benefits: Strengthens Digestive System, relieves constipation, helps with menstrual problems, strengthens heart and removes belly fat.

Bellows Posture

Lie on your back. While breathing out, bend your right leg and bring the thigh close to your chest. Hold your right leg firmly with your both hands. Maintain this position for 8 seconds, holding the breathe. Lower your right leg while breathing in. Repeat with your left leg and then with both legs together. This comprises one round. Practice 8 rounds. 

Benefits: Strengthens digestive system, relieves constipation, helps remove gas and reduces belly fat.

Hare Posture 
Kneel down and hold both heels firmly with your hands. While exhaling, bring the crown of the head into contact with the floor in a posture of bowing down. The forehead should touch the knees. Maintain this posture for 8 seconds, holding the breathe. Breathe in while rising. Practice 8 times.

Benefits: Improves memory and concentration, good for meditation, helps in throat and thyroid problems and reduces belly fat.

Bird Posture 
Stand up straight. Keeping your left leg standing straight and firm in the floor, stretch your right leg as far back as possible. Extend your left arm forward and right arm backward, keeping both arms parallel to the ground. Reach out your right hand hand towards your right toes as if to touch your toes. Keep your back straight. The right leg may be bent slightly upwards. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this posture with your left leg stretched backwards. This completes one round. Practice 4 rounds.

Benefits: Develops perfect balance, strengthens nerves in arms and legs and helps reduce body weight.

Do you want to lose belly fat?

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