Nivea powerfruit relax Shower Gel {Product Review}

Nivea powerfruit relax Shower Gel {Product Review}

It has been a really long time since I have used any shower gels. I had switched to natural and handmade soaps and this was quite a refreshing change from them. For the starters, I really like the packaging – the purplish color. It also smells nice, not in a natural way though!
I can not describe the smell but its a bit jammy-like and its a bit strong, may be not to everyone’s taste! Also, after the shower, the whole of it smells of the shower gel for quite half an hour. I like it, though! Anyways, the gel is transparent in color and lathers pretty well.

smells nice!
works well with scrubbing gloves!

Nivea powerfruit relax Shower Gel {Product Review}
It does leave a film on the skin which is something I do not really like with any product but after you are dry, your skin does not really feel sticky or anything. In fact, the body oil I am currently using gets absorbed pretty easily!!

So, its a heads up for me and I love to use my body shop gloves with this product. So, yes, this is worth a try!!

Nivea powerfruit relax Shower Gel {Product Review}

leaves a thin film on body which is not to everyone’s taste!

Price : Rs 175 for 250ml
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