My Skin Diary – July 2013

So, one of the reader’s suggested me to do this regular feature as well when she ended up reading my hair diaries! I have been thinking of it since long but since I do not really stick to one product, I was hesitant to do this series. Also, my skin problems are comparatively minor. But, then I thought I would give it a go so here it is. 

Let me share what all products I used on my face and body for the month. I do not exactly follow the same routine everyday! For example, I do not moisturize my skin in the day time everyday. I simply go to applying base and the sunscreen. NOT A GOOD HABIT AT ALL. 
Similarly, I do skip moisturizing the body and not every night do I use that DIY facial oil or for that matter even the aloevera gel. I am quite lazy and I really hate using all the products but providing reviews for them and finishing them up are the swords hanging on my head!


Day Routine
Night Routine
  • Cleansing Milk – VLCC + Garnier 
  • Face wash – Nivea Visage Refreshing Face Wash + Garnier Pure Active + Nivea Total Face Cleanup
  • Toner – Liz Earle + Kama Ayurveda Vetiver Water
  • Moisturizer – Rustic Art aloevera gel
  • Facial Oil – Turmeric infused Almond Oil (DIY)
  • Face mask – Shahnaz Hussain Chocolate Mask 
While I am using Nivea Total Face cleanup, the Shahnaz Hussain face mask is used once in like two weeks or something! Please note that ‘+’ means either.

Day Routine
Night Routine
  • Moisturizer – Vaseline Aloefresh

Current Skin
As I mentioned a few days earlier, my skin picking habit has left my neck tortured, I am looking forward to reversing that damage. And, also, my arms are pretty tanned so those are two things on top of my list right now. 

Why don’t you tell me what products you used and how is your skin doing?

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