My Hair Diary – July 2013

So, I am again pretty late in putting up the hair diary post this month. Anyways, Suhani had a few questions for me when she read the last hair diaries. So, lemme just answer them for everyone’s benefits.
Does oil not attract dirt?
Yes, it does. But, I use only 5 drops at max so I doubt it would do any harm but point taken!
How do I do the scalp treatment?
I take a few drops of oil (2-3) and rub the finger tips against each other to spread the oil and then massage the scalp and then pass the hand over the strands to spread a light film over the strands, especially on the ends!
Ok, there is one point which I wanted to discuss. Why SLS-free shampoos? Actually, I had read it long back but I think there is something in that. SLS makes the hair very dry which is something well known but apparently it also impedes hair growth. I have to say that I have definitely noticed my hair to be in better health since I have shifted my shampoos. And, I do believe my hair has dried up a bit in this one month of change of shampoo!!
Ok, a day back I also read that changing shampoos is good for hair because it keeps on changing the chemical composition of hair. Being used to one shampoo alters the composition in only way which is why you do not notice that bounce after a bit of getting used to any product. Well, honestly, I have no idea if it is true or not but if you do have 3-4 choices of great shampoos, go for it!!
When you repeatedly use one shampoo, you are altering your hair’s chemical balance and changing the results of the shampoo. Obviously we want to see results from our shampoo, but if you don’t alternate them, then your hair’s chemical balance will work against you and you will see different results with the same shampoo over time. In a sense, you are changing the effect of the shampoo by using it for too long. In certain instances, the effect can be harmful to your hair. (Source)

Products Used
  • Hair Oil – Neelibrigandi Oil
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  1. says

    i really liked the bounce in your u use any essential oils for your hair?? like rosemary or lavender? i have just order these oils.. but just wanted your opinion.. and also any brand you recommend for essential oils??

    • says

      hey Reshma. thanks :)
      yes, i do use essential oils. i use rosemary. actually there is no particular brand i really trust but i think kama products are fine to start with!

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