Just Gossip Vol. 23 – So, what happened the last weekend?

I have not been online for quite long and that is a bad habit for bloggers me sometimes because you I can totally lose track. Getting back to blogging is a serious issue then, for me! Anyways, I just wanted to share some recent gossip on here which you might have missed unless you were checking my facebook page updates! 
Perfect Skin Care for you won the Lifestyle Health Indiblogger award for the best blog. Ok, that was a little difficult to digest because there were 73 blogs in that category and I won. Yipeeeee!! That would never have been possible without you all so thank you so much. And, a special thanks to all those who took out time and wrote testimonials for my blog :)
Oh btw, did you all start with checking out the weight loss series? I have posted only once till now but I have been keeping a checklist of days when I am working out. And when I see n number of days not checked against, I do feel bad and motivated as well. So, try it out. May be the checklist or calender listing might help you as well.

Also, another golden rule for working out is to NOT push your body hard otherwise it will reach the fatigue levels and that will tire you so much that you do not have the strength to carry on! So, do only that much as much you can actually manage without it being too less!
So, how is your weight loss routine, if any, going on? And, how was your last weekend? Did you do anything special? I got myself a pair of sandals with heels, they are the second in my life (heels not the sandals) as Rakhi gift!
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