Its Just Life Vol. 1 – Are you really happy?

So, writing about life is a kind of stress buster for me but it is not something which I can do on a daily basis. I had started my other blog for this sole purpose but unfortunately, I am not able to maintain it so I thought I might as well start a series here! Hope you guys like the diversity and respond to it positively. And, also, please note that I am not very experienced in putting my feelings into words, it can all sound very muddled 😀

So, once upon a time in my life, I went to this astrologer! Trust me, don’t ever make that mistake in your life. I hate the entire breed and worst part, you can never say no to relatives so you end up having no choice! And, this guy astrologer observes me for quite sometime. 
And, then, the first thing he ends up asking me was “Are you Happy?” I have always thought myself to be a pretty much happy-to-go-lucky kinda gal so I very happily answer yes as if it is foolish to doubt such a thing! And, the interrogation carries on. How do you know a person is happy?
I say a happy person has a very positive and vibrant aura. Ok, yup, a very heavy answer. He was like yes, the person smiles a lot which you were not all the while I observed you. I was stunned. There was quite a lot of truth in that. I had been under a lot of stress lately. 
And, since that day, I have always been trying to be consciously aware of whether I am frowning a lot, am under a lot of stress or worrying about unnecessary things!

So, Are YOU REALLY Happy?


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