Happy Janmashtami!!

So, today is Krishanji’s birthday!! I don’t really celebrate this festival but then any festival is supposed to be a holiday, no?? So, what are you guys doing today?? Plans to temples or ISKCON. I had been once to ISKCON Hyderabad. I think there are two or more temples but I have been only to one and the decoration was awesome even though the temple wasn’t very huge!! Wish you all a very Happy Janmashtami :)


  1. Pranali says

    i had been to the ISKCON temple in ahemdabad when i was young.i still remember the huge laddoo’s they used to give as prasad..

    • says

      haha…why does it happen that we always remember the prasad’s we get at temples ๐Ÿ˜€
      I remember the huge laddoos from tirupati, the amazing and mouth-watering halwa from golden temple with ghee literally dripping from it. it makes my mouth water even today when I think about it and its been over 10 years I have visited it!!!

  2. Roshni says

    Hey Swati,

    Happy Janmashtami to you too! And in Mumbai too, its not a holiday. So we are toiling in ACs too!

    But will leave early and visit a few temples to see the decorations. Some of the local temples make an elaborate swing in which they put Bal Krishna and people can go and give a swing to God on His birthday :) .. am hoping I get to swing him!

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