Can melanin production be controlled? {Skin Care}

So, yesterday I got a very crude comment on the post “5 steps to fairer skin“. Wish it was a bit polite, I would have published it but the crux of the message is that melanin production can not be controlled. And, as you would be aware, melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color.

Skin Color can NOT be changed
So, yup, NOTHING can control melanin production. It is genetic and is dictated by a lot of factors like exposure to sun, your skin texture, exposure to pollution and dust among others. So, please realize that you can not change skin color EVER.
Are fairness cream claims wrong?
Not all! The expensive treatments like peeling and other treatments tend to decrease the melanin pigment in the skin. In peeling or micro-dermabrasions, they remove the top layer of the skin which is mostly dead skin cells and has been long exposed to sun and is heavily tanned. 
The chemical treatments which work from inside do actually affect the melanin production. But, there are simple inexpensive treatments like bleaching which mainly have chemicals which have ingredients like Hydroquinone. It indeed prevents melanin production but safety of the ingredient is under debate. 
Also, Niacinamide which is Vitamin B3 is also supposed to improve skin hydration levels and improve the skin texture and color by removing discolorations and reducing acne. 
But, also remember that even if your product has all these ingredients, they might not really work for you because the ratio of these products or the concentration of the ingredients is very important. Also, many of these ingredients increase skin sensitivity.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Lets come to the home remedies and AHA’s. According to wiki, AHA’s can not inhibit melanin production unless they are in 50% concentration. They are just effective to remove the dead skin cells and improve the skin turnover. Whereas, lactic and glycolic acids have been proved to inhibit melanin production!!

So, yes, you CAN NOT lighten your skin color. But, then what can we do? Well, I can only say please wait for the next post 😀 Ok, don’t hate me. This had become too long so I had to break it up!
So, what do you say about skin color and lightening? 
PS: This is to the person who left the absolutely CRASS comment, please mind your language!!
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