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So, I had decided early this year that I would resort to anti-aging skin care but unfortunately I am not really doing anything except trying to use sunscreen without fail! That itself is of such a big help that you do not really need anything else. 
But, of course, you must have come across the information suggesting Retinoids, AHA’s and all kinds of things to get rid of wrinkles and other aging signs! Well, I totally agree that they work really well but I am of the league that better not try them unless you really need them or use them sparingly!
Retinoids and sisters/brothers are very strong!
I have heard retinoids being used for the eye area to prevent crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes, majorly. They might also be useful for frown and laugh lines. But, the issue with them is that they make your skin extremely photo-sensitive and if you do not use adequate amount of sunscreen to protect your skin, you might be doing more damage to your skin!
Moisturizer Havoc
I have an example to quote in this. I had reviewed my mum’s long-time moisturizer, moisturex, long time back. But, soon after I had read the ingredients, it struck me that the product might not have been as good for her as I am supposing. The product has 10% of lactic acid and daily application of it has probably made my mum’s skin sensitive. Many of the reader’s comments also suggested this perception!
My mum has very sensitive skin and now I have realized that she can not even use something else because nothing else suits her! I once tried giving her a pampering treatment using Pond’s flawless white face mask sheets. After keeping it for like 10-15 minutes, she removed it and let the gooey stuff on the mask seep into her skin. But, soon after she started complaining that her skin was burning! I have tried those same sheets and never have I felt it doing anything to my skin, good or bad, lest burn my skin or tingle it!

May be I am presuming too much when I think the product has made my mum’s skin sensitive! Her skin often flushes when she comes back from being in sun but I do not remember if she had the very problem before using the above-mentioned product. So, I can not really conclude that the product made her skin sensitive or photo-sensitive!
Usage of Fresh Fruits on Skin
Ohk, not only the products but also the home remedies which we try out on a daily basis might not be a great idea! Few months back I had done a post on pH levels of citrus fruits to determine how safe lemon is for daily usage. And, turns out, it can make you age faster even if you see great results because it is very acidic!
Same goes for fruits rich in AHA’s like papaya or pineapple. They should NOT be used on skin for more than 5 minutes and should be used at most twice a week! AHA’s are very strong acids which no doubt are really beneficial to skin but they can be dangerous if misused a lot! In fact, in higher concentrations, they can cause skin peeling.
Vitamin C serums
There are a lot of DIY’s I have been seeing over-time using ascorbic acid or like. I have thought of doing them myself as well. But, may be they should also be used occasionally like once or twice a week for a skin prep instead of making it a daily routine.
Salicylic Acid Face Washes
No doubt, they are amazing on acne-prone skin but they do dry out the skin a lot, the effects of which might not be felt immediately. I have never really prescribed to the usage of such products but lately I had used Garnier Pure Active which has the acid as one of its ingredients. No doubt, I loved it but it fails miserably on dry skin and I am not using it in the longer run! 
Long back I had talked about the aspirin face mask, DIY’s for which can be found immediately on googling but should not be used in more than a concentration of 1-2% because they can result in drying of skin and hyperpigmentation, not to say photo-sensitivity!
Thus, these are my personal observations and opinions that any product having specialized ingredients should be used with care and caution and exactly as prescribed. Any deviance from the instructions can actually be really harmful for skin. 
Please note that this post is entirely my opinion and observations put in words. I would love to know what you think about the issue. So, comment on!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Really nice post. I completely agree with what you have written. I also have the extremely sensitive skin just like your mom. It’s been 16years and I am still looking for good natural moisturizer that works on my combination sensitive skin. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks for all your hard work

  2. radha rani says

    Mam, can u suggest a very effective fairness moisturiser from market which is mild to use and doesn’t cause any harmful side effect to get a fair and glowing skin….plz also suggest a good face wash my skin is normal….I love your posts and your hard work to provide the best response so keep it up …..and plz help me with my question as soon as possible…thanks

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