Just Gossip Vol. 19 – Woes of Shopping!

Nah, I did not go shopping. It just happened! Can you imagine my friend tore her jeans! I was like how can one tear their jeans by mistake or otherwise??? So, we had to go to get a replacement.
Lots of sales these days, even on lingerie! And, then, I found two tees which were in a pack of two coming at really cheap prices. And, picked them, got them billed and went to Shopper’s Stop. We were in Lifestyle.
They have the sensor detectors while entering the shop, right? So, that went off as soon as I went past it. We didn’t bother with it (neither did the security guy) and went inside, shopped and came back. In the mean time, I happily threw the bill while waiting for my friend to try out some tops.
Lesson 1 –  Never throw the bills unless you are absolutely sure you love the piece and are not going to exchange it which means keep it for a day or two until you wear the piece!
While walking out of the shop, the alarm went off again. I was like WTF! Anyways, the security guy checked out my bag and he was about to open the tees package which I got in Lifestyle when I rudely informed him that the product was bought from Lifestyle and not from his shop. He apologized and repacked my bag and handed it to me.
The incessant alarm wouldn’t stop buzzing off still but we simply thought it had gone mad and by now you would be anticipating what actually happened? The Lifestyle guy forgot to remove the security tags from those very tees which that Shopper’s Stop security guy was gonna open! Wish I had let him finish the task, no?

Lesson 2 – Never be rude to another person and let them finish the task which they are supposed to do! It might be good for you.
Now, I noticed the tags back home. So, I am still now in a fix as to how to get rid of them. There is of course a way to go back to Lifestyle but then remember like a very intelligent lady, I threw off the bill and not that I can not prove to the store that I bought the item legally but there would be a bit of hassle and drama.
And, then the mall is not exactly close by that I can hop, skip and jump and reach it. So, my mom suggested break it! Yes, you can actually do that. Googling will give you 101 ways to get rid of those tags and thankfully none of them can be done in the shop right under their noses.
Lesson 3 – Do not think just because you know how to remove the tag, you can shoplift!
What am I going to do? There is a store nearby my house which also uses security tags so I am going to request them to help me out today. Well, lets just hope they do not hand me over to the police for shoplifting 😀 Gosh, I should NOT have thrown the bill.  
Lesson 4 – Check the clothes you bought and make sure the store guys have removed the security tags! It makes life easy.
Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?
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