My Hair Diaries – June 2013

I totally forgot to put up the hair diary post this month and half of July is already gone! Anyways, June was quite here and there for me. But, I did try out an interesting DIY which I am going to share with you all after I am really satisfied with it.
In the meantime, let’s talk about all other things. It was just regular otherwise. Oh, I have been given to review the Clear anti-dandruff shampoo and I can safely say that SLS-free shampoos are a bit better but it really depends on how you take care of your hair as well.
Also, I have a very interesting observation to make. Now, we are always discussing about natural hair remedies or some such things. I have never really talked about the professional products from brands like L’Oreal or Schwarzkopf! But, are the two extremes really comparable in results? Which do you believe in? I shall leave you to ponder more about it!

Oh btw, there is one good news. I can see a lot of small hairs growing from my scalp so that makes me happy :) So, I think I should stick to all the things I have been doing for the past months, though I really have no idea what exactly is working! 

Products Used:
  • Shampoo – Kamini Shampoo
  • Hair Oil – TBS Rainforest Coconut Oil + Neelibrigandi Oil
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  1. says

    Wow swati…I think its almost an yr nw that I strtd following your blog n srsly there is a huge difference in ur hair..they look soo good n soo healthy …I srsly luvd ur curls..

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey swati,
    i had very beautiful hair a bit wavy wid damn gd volume.
    I went for a straightening atleast twice.
    Now i m left wid hairfall n scanty hair,
    pls help:-

  3. Anonymous says

    hi swati…..
    ur blog is really nice.Iam male 32 suffering from hair thining problem.plz suggest any aurvedic products which control my hair loss.Iam really worrying about this problem.plz help
    thanking you

  4. Pranali says

    i cut my hair this month.. i went from tail bone length to somewhere similar to urs!! as always love ur curls!!
    ur hair posts temp me to finally get my a$$ to AVS doc!!

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