Kasturi Turmeric {Ingredient}

Kasturi Turmeric for removing facial hair and glowing skin

Turmeric is, I am pretty sure, high on everyone’s DIY beauty list except for one fact that it leaves a really detestable yellow color on the skin. But, if used in lesser quantity and mixed with other flours, it generally has no side effect except leaving the skin absolutely glowing, right?

Recently, I was in a small fair-trade market where I spotted Kasturi turmeric being sold. I have to say it was quite heavily priced at 35 bucks for just 50gms. It need not be that expensive when India is home for the spice. Anyways, let me talk about it.
I have facial hair issues. Not so much as hirsutism but enough that it makes me irritated. So, I went for threading once last month after a lot of deliberation. Believe me, do not make that mistake if you have not done it YET! And, as you know turmeric is one of the best ingredients to lessen facial hair.
I mixed a spoon of the powder in water and applied in on the face. My face was on fire! It was exactly similar to the last time I used Banjara’s product. I have totally striked off the product and brand from my buying list but actually the fault was mine.
Kasturi Turmeric is very very strong and should NEVER, EVER be used on face neat. Mix it with milk or curd or better yet besan or something else. My Gosh…that was my biggest beauty faux pas which I did not realize till it was too late.
But, I have to say that though it is believed it does not stain THAT much, it was quite enough to say that I do not think there was any difference in Kasturi Turmeric staining or normal turmeric stain! Anyways, after that horrifying skin burning incident, I mixed it with a face wash powder I had recently got. And, now, I can use it without burning my skin or needing to mix it with milk.
How much it has affected my facial hair is something I can not say because I had discontinued using it in between but I shall once at least use the product continuously for a month or two and let you know about the results. I had to leave it to test some products but after it is done, I shall get back to the routine. But, I have to say that those days I could see my skin glowing more than usual :)
Have you tried Kasturi Turmeric?
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  1. Pranali says

    i have never heard of kasturi turmeric.. the turmeric that i use in my face packs is called Ambi Halad in marathi.. don’t know if both are same!!??

    • Anonymous says

      It is not that bad – Kasturi Turmeric can be directly applied to one’s face. May be some people find it too strong. In fact I am writing this after applying a generous coat in it on my face and leaving it there for the last 10 minutes :)

    • kuhu says

      You can use kasturi turmeric. It is very useful. You can use it after you rinse your body after applying soap. Take a small amount of kasturi turmeric.Add water to it.Make it as a paste.Then APPLY IT ALL OVER YOUR BODY AND FACE.Then you can rinse it.It is indeed an awesome home remedy for facial hair. .

      • says

        hi Kuhu. Kasturi turmeric is very strong and should never be used as it is coz it burns the skin. it must be blended with some other powder in a proportion to get its maximum benefits. yes, it does help in hair removal though but it must be done every single day which is kind of difficult :)

  2. jyoti says

    Mam…i had a fair skin. ..last 4 years back. ..but i lost my skin tone…nd hv a darker tone at present..what should i do to get my colour back..???

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