Just Gossip Vol. 18 – Just Back!

Hey everyone, I am back to Hyderabad after a 10 day stint and I am hating it :-( Don’t you also face home sickness when the vacations are over? I am sure almost everyone would agree with me unless you haven’t ever stayed alone.
Anyways, this Delhi trip was more than fruitful! I got so many things for myself and hopefully this post would turn out to be my first successfully completed post on my xperia :-) Yes, I got a new phone..yay and I am typing this sitting in T3 (Delhi Airport).
And, I also got a zoom lens for my DSLR though didn’t get chance to use it. Btw, I have improved a lot in using my cam so if you have any questions regarding DSLR’s, I might be able to help.
Leaving all that, I have loads of products up for review! It will take around a month of testing. And, since I have not blogged properly for so long AGAIN, I am totally lost as to where to start from.
Guess that would be the best place to start :-) Btw, donchya thunk smartphones disturb a lot. I have not yet activated internet packages on my phone but whenever I connect to wi-fi, my phone is incessantly blaring with messages from whatsapp to fb notifications! Whosoever said they make life easy…sigh!
What about you? How did you enjoy June? Can you imagine half of 2013 is already over!!
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