Mom’s Oil {DIY}

I remember talking about this oil sometime last year and many of you had asked me the recipe for this. I did not really talk about the DIY since then because I did not have the recipe and I was not sure how good it really was.
But, this time when I went home, I made sure that I get the recipe from mum and also try out the oil so that I can actually share it with you with its amazing benefits!! And, it has been ages since I have done any DIY and I am really glad to do it.
First, I am sorry I do not have any pic. But, the oil is very pretty red in color thanks to one of the herbs! Anyways, let me speak about the results first. I have kept the oil only for 2 hours at max before washing it off.

So, it makes my hair more shiny and really really soft (unbelievably so!). I am missing the softness. Hair is also better hydrated but one has to apply the oil once in 2 days. I guess this part applies to all oils. The oil gets washed off pretty easily. It nourishes the scalp as well, thanks to all kinds of herbs put into it. I have not seen any hair fall with the oil and neither did my mom. That is interesting because my mom actually faces hair fall quite a lot! So, that is quite a small list of amazing results. But, I have used the oil only a few times.
Anyways lets check out the Ingredients.
Base Oil – Refined Oil. I was completely against it but my mom does not really listen to me 😀 Now, she is going to use sesame oil. I would suggest any cold-pressed organic oil like coconut, almond, sesame.
– dried fenugreek seeds (methi)
– dried Tulsi leaves (basil or sage)
– Dhaniya (coriander seeds)
– Jeera (cumin seeds)
– Black pepper (kali mirch)
– Green tea
– Cinnamon stick (dal chini)
– Laung (cloves)
– dried kari patta (curry leaves)
– dried Rose petals
– Sesame seeds (til)
– Mustard seeds
– groundnut
– badam (almonds)
– walnuts (akhrot)
– ratanjot (this is an interesting herb)
– Bhringraj
– Brahmi
– Amla (if not using triphala otherwise only triphala)
– Triphala
– dried Hibiscus leaves and flowers
– dried Neem leaves (margosa)
– Dried ginger (sounth)
– dry jasmine flowers
– dried marigold petals
– dried paan patta (betel leaves)
– dried mango leaves
Yeah, a long list of ingredients and I have no idea if she forgot some of the other ingredients! Anyways, let us talk about Ratanjot herb.
This is the one which gives the lovely red color to the oil. It is basically a red dye which is used in oils like dabur lal tail. It is actually a rare herb which might not be available everywhere. If you live in Himachal or Jammu, you can still get it in ayurvedic shops but I have not idea if you can get in normal shops.
Rest of all the ingredients are known pretty widely. I have no idea what some of the herbs actually do to hair like mango leaves or paan patta. And, I am not googling it right away. Ok, how to use these herbs. First of all, the herbs should be air-dried in shade but not in direct sunlight.
Once they are all dry, powder all the ingredients together. Take a two heaped tablespoons of the powder and put it in a bottle or a jar of 200-300 ml. Pour the oil in the jar till it is full. Adjust the quantity of herbs according to the quantity of oil you are going to use. Generally, one tablespoon is enough for 100ml.
Leave the jar aside for a month. Keep stirring the oil in between. And, try to keep the in direct sunlight for sometime. Read about how to infuse oil with herbs for more specific instructions. There is another way to infuse as well but the temperature of the oil should be carefully controlled so that it is not burned. That damages the hydrogen bonds in the oil which can destroy the properties of the oil.
Once the infusion process is over, oil is ready for use so filter the oil and pour in a glass bottle, preferably! Happy using in case you are going to give it a try :)

What do you say about the DIY?

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  1. says

    That is a long list of ingredients! I would like to try it maybe with only those ingredients which are available here. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW can you please remove the work verification? Please? It takes too long to comment :(

    • says

      hehe…yup it is! and, mum has forgotten some of them as well. yeah, try with the ones easily available!

      removed the word verification when i had read your comment :)

  2. Pranali says

    mango leaves and paan patta are surprising ingredients and so is dhaniya and jeera! didn’t know they were beneficial for hair..!!

    • says

      hi Meg. you can take a quarter kilo of each of these ingredients and grind them. make sure the herbs are completely dry before grinding and then you can put two heaped table spoon of the powder in a 500ml of hair oil for proper infusion.

    • says

      Sorry for my question again. Correct me if i am wrong quarter kilo i.e 250 gm each herb, powder it and then put two heaped spoon of each powder or mix all and then put 2 heaped spoon of that mixed powder in 500 ml oil, i am bit confused. please guide

    • says

      Correct me if i am wrong quarter kilo i.e 250 gm each herb powder it and then put two heaped spoon of each powder or mix all and then put 2 heaped spoon of that mixed powder in 500 ml oil. i am bit confused. please guide

  3. NIKHIL says

    nikhil varma
    hi mam ….. i read about hair oil how to make … i really happy to know all benifits but Mam .. i want to make hair oil … so i want to need your help … CAN i use onion and ratanjot in one oil is good for hair ??? so i want to make it … i need your oppinion.. plsss reply meee plsss…

    • says

      Onion had water so do not use it to infuse oil. If you have onion powder or garlic powder, use that. Always use dried herbs to infuse oils.

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