Himani Navratna Oil {Product Review}

Navratan hair oil product review at perfect skin care for you indian beauty blog
I have been suffering from headaches since time immemorial! And, then comes summers when the need for a cooling oil increases multi-fold so I finally took the plunge and got a small bottle of this oil to try out. Before that, I had taken two opinions – one from mom and other from a friend.
One said it burns the eyes like after you apply amrutanjan and one said it feels like you have put ice on your head. Well, neither really held true in my case so I guess the oil feels different for different body types!!

relieves stress and anxiety
helps in sleeping peacefully
feels really cool on the scalp

Day 1 – I took only a few drops of oil and massaged with finger tips on the scalp. It really felt cool after a few seconds and it was an awesome feeling! It was peak summers in Hyderabad and I do get a lot drained in summers. The oil relieved the tiredness to an extent and lulled me to sleep.
Navratan hair oil product review at perfect skin care for you indian beauty blog
Other Uses – I have to say not all uses were same for me. Every time, it was different. Sometimes, I did feel cool on the scalp and sometimes not! I used it during headaches and it was a bit soothing. Oiling hair is good during headaches as it increases blood circulation and if you have something cool to compensate for the throbbing, what better than that?

smell might not be to everyone’s liking though it is not exactly very strong! it smells herbally and does not go soon enough!

Today’s Use (as and when the post is being written) – I had a headache due to combined effects of lack of fluids, improper diet and sleep and roaming in mid-afternoon sun and when I came back, the first thing I did was make myself a hot cup of tea and take a really hot bath and pop a pill and sleep! When I woke up, it was time for dinner so I fortified myself by which time I was feeling a lot better but hangover was still there. So, I oiled my hair with this and in half hour, I was decidedly awake thanks to the pill, sleep and oil. And, now I am typing away the review at the stroke of midnight without a wink of sleep in my eyes.
So, after all the rants, you would have got an idea whether I like the oil or not, right? Well, in my opinion, yes! The oil is great if you are looking to relieve yourself of headaches and anxiety and stress and lack of sleep. Bte, I have to add a word here that it might be helpful for dandruff though I am not very sure!
Price: Rs 30 for 50ml
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  1. Sid says

    Loved your review, ma’am…thank you :) And yes.. I googled for the reviews just after massaging my head with it for the first time…It feels great n ur review helped a lot too. This is a young man from Delhi and I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job! God bless!

  2. maria says

    this oil is amazing not only is it a hair oil …i gave some to someone two years ago whom suffered serious burns that caused discoloration of the skin //after using the oil every night for two straight weeks the burns healed and her complexion came back normal this oil is antibacterial also so its excellent on cuts …it speeds up the healing process…i have been using this oil for 3 years now…for body pain in which i massage ..for thinning hair and for skin irritations ………

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