5 tips to avoid Headaches {Five Series}

I am in angst with Hyderabad weather! It is so damn unpredictable that I always find the sun shining on top of my head when I am out and the sun happily goes and hides behind the clouds when I am inside!! And, not to speak about the sultriness these days….huh.

And, all this takes a toll on my health and my chronic headaches get worse. So, I decided to list down what are the very common reasons why one may get headaches and how can you avoid them. So, lets check them out!
Stay out of Sun 
Well, pretty obvious reading the introduction to the post, right? Direct exposure to sun rays might prompt the headache especially when you are doing a lot of in and out from an air-conditioned place! The change in warm and cold atmosphere itself is enough to trigger some or the other problem. Same goes to the fluctuating weather conditions and change of seasons.
That is why not only sun but excess wind should also be avoided! And, of course, getting used to a lot of cool in summers or hot in winters makes one sensitive to any slight change in temperature. And, if you have to, make sure you cover yourself well especially your head and ears!!
Acidity can trigger Headaches
Proper diet is very very essential for proper functioning of the body. If you do not eat on time, you might get acidity. If you eat more, you might get acidity. Either of the conditions, acidity suffocates the body a bit and that might lead to a headache so control acidity by following a strict daily routine.
And, say no to coffee when you have headaches. I do not know if it increases acidity but it sure increases your headache. Tea is good because it relaxes the system a bit but I would suggest to go for herbal teas instead because they are refreshing for the body and feel nothing more than you are drinking delicately-flavored hot water. 
Do not skip on Breakfast
Again the same thing. Proper diet is very important and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you eat in breakfast determines how your entire day goes! So, eat a healthy balance of lots of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Try to get a heavy breakfast even if you have a desk job. 
Exercise for 30 minutes everyday
This is invariably a condition if you want to lead healthy life so I would not say much except that get moving, guys and gals! 
Sleep at correct times and for right amount of Hours
For me, if my sleep gets disturbed or if I over-sleep or under-sleep, I always get headaches. So, yes proper deep sleep is very important for me. Also, I would add that proper pillows and mattress and sheets aid in good sleep so invest in them. And, always take care of your postures so that you do not get a crink while sleeping!
And, now the bonus tip! 

Healthy Snacking 
I totally get it that you love to munch and snack and at the tea-times more often than not you want that extra samosa or the burger which the other person is enjoying! But, they are really bad for you and that is not just because of junk. But, also because they do not satisfy your appetite. 
You need to develop some healthy snacking habits. Either carry something from home or get some salads at the office. Some extra fruits would not put a lot of weight on you. And, when really hungry, go for fiber even in healthy options! That peanut butter is very useful. Or, carry some dates or sprouts or dry fruits!!
What are your ways to avoid a headache?
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  1. Coral Crue says

    i am doing everything wrong, luckily no headaches so far but I know i am going to have some soon. great post :)

  2. Anonymous says

    even head massage is good… it helps in proper blood circulation… sesa master mind oil is good to relax yourself after a tiring week :-)

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