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PS: Even though this is an old post, the introduction holds true for this year as well ๐Ÿ˜€

I am loving, adoring and blissfully bathing in Hyderabad weather after the sultry Delhi :) Ok, yes, it is humid and that does increase the suffocation at times but the cool breeze in the evenings and the lovely rains are just too romantic too ignore!!! But, then, monsoons always bring a spate of hair problems with them. 

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Humid Hair
The scalp gets all dirty very soon even though the pollution is in control. The reason for this is because of the amount of humidity which accumulates the dust and sweat in the hair and makes the scalp dirty very quickly. So, hair wash should be frequent, preferably on alternate days and you should always make sure to leave your hair open for at least an hour everyday to let the roots and the scalp get some air through them and get dry.
If you get wet in the rain, let your hair air dry and then go for a hair wash. Immediate washing is generally not preferable as it may lead to diseases and illness.
  • Hair Fall: This is the most common problem of hair in monsoons and even I can see those effects. One way to control it is to keep the hair and scalp always clean as mentioned above and to keep the hair always dry as even a little wet hair is also prone to a lot breakage. Do not comb your hair immediately on returning home after a long day. Leave your hair untied for a good half hour to an hour and let it dry thoroughly before running a comb. 
  • Dandruff: Even though the weather is humid, the scalp can dry out easily because of the climate changes and weather fluctuations. And, that can lead to a lot of dead skin being accumulated on the scalp and leading to dandruff issues. This also contributes to hair fall in the monsoons. Ultimately, this issue can also be resolved by keeping the scalp and hair clean and dry at all times.
Hair Accessories
Avoid using scarfs and stoles to keep your hair protected from rain or even pollution. Because, lack of air circulation causes the sweat to get entrapped and accumulated on the scalp. Instead, carry an umbrella to protect you in sudden rains. And, pollution is anyway in control in monsoons so don’t worry about that. Btw, it may be necessary for you to wash your hair everyday at times. Go ahead and do it. Only make sure that you use a good quality shampoo, preferably a high-end brand or an SLS-free shampoo like Organic Surge.
Keep your hair tools clean and dry
Clean your comb, hair brush and even the scrunchies and hair clips you use as they gather the sweat when you use them on dirty hair!!!
How do you protect your hair in monsoons? Comment below with your tips!


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    • says

      I thought I had replied…probably I did reply but it didn’t get published or something!!!
      its better to cloth wrapped around the ice…cotton cloth will do otherwise it can break the delicate capillaries on your face. you can do it once a day!!! mix lemon with honey and then you can apply it on your face.
      hope this helps :)

    • says

      hi thnks for the reply, so can i apply it daily on my face and u mean mix lemon and honey with water and keep it in refrigerator and use those ice cubes.

      can i wrap it in cotton

    • says

      yes, it can be used everyday. no. i meant mix lemon with honey and apply it…I donno if it will freeze properly or not. yes, you can use cotton cloth.

  1. Krishna Patel says

    Its weird because I have all these problems in winter but thanks for the tips :) I will use them in winter ๐Ÿ˜€

    • says

      haha…yes, these problem happen in winters as well…specially dandruff…hair fall might not be much unless staying in a colder place where static might cause that :)

  2. toby magmire says

    The rainy period is banging at the door and its time for having some additional care for the hair, as the monsoon is not actually a good friend for your hair.


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