Grooming Lessons Vol. 4 – Breezy Breaths OR not so much!

Ok, so this is one of the major social faux pas one can ever make! So, be always careful about how you are smelling, orally or physically! Carrying a sample perfume bottle and a handy mouthwash or spray is a very good idea. Let me talk about dental health today.

Be sure to check your breath after the meal
Please do not forget to ditch those onions in your midday meal even if you love them! I know this sounds so obvious but people who love onions tend to forget that the other person talking to them has to bear that smell even if they are standing a meter away from you.
Are you brushing your teeth correctly?
Ok, many people do not really pay attention to how they brush! You should brush your teeth vertically with quick strokes instead of horizontal brushing. I remember the countless times my dad used to comment on my method of brushing till the time he approved of it!

Flossing might be a good idea!

Flossing instead of brushing is a better way to get rid of bacteria and cavities issue. So, take 5 minutes out of your time and give a nice floss to your teeth. That helps in promoting gum health also.
Scrape your tongue!
If you are brushing right and flossing regularly and still have breath issues, get a tongue scraper. The bacteria and the germs which thrive on the moist tongue are more often the culprit of bad breath. In Ayurveda, it is said that tongue should be scraped every morning after brushing to detox the body.
Pull that Oil
I told you some days back that I had started oil pulling. I can safely say that though it is not exactly my favorite task of the day, it makes my teeth clean, white and tends to keep the bad breath away by removing the oral bacteria and germs.
So, always be aware of how your breath smells, even if you have just snacks or coffee breaks! And, don’t forget to simply rinse your mouth after every meal, small or large.
So, do you take care of your breath? Do you use any breath fresheners?
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  1. Coral Crue says

    Hi, even i had done oil pulling long back but discontinued it. Do update a post with the benefits you have felt.
    Have you noticed any changes so far, other than with teeth?

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