Garnier Pure Active Pore unclogging wash {Product Review}

So, just on the weekend I revealed that I absolutely love this particular product. Little did I know that I had almost run out of the product so I would anyway be doing the product review within 3 days! Anyways, as I said earlier this is amazing for oily and acne-prone skin though I am not really sure about the dry skin. 

Let me start with the packaging. Hate it! First, the product just comes out as soon as you unscrew the cap. Also, you get more than enough of the product because of which you tend to overuse it and run out of the facewash early. It lasted just 15-18 days with two uses per day. Also, if it came with a flip top cap, it would have been easy to open it in the shower otherwise the tube feels a little slippery in water. 

feels cool on skin
removes blackheads completely
helps to avoid breakouts

Now, let me come to the good. It is a light blue tinged in color and foams really well. Well, it does have SLS :( Anyways, it feels so so cool on your face after applying as if you have poured a lot of menthol on the face. Damn awesome in summers specially. Might not be a really great feel in winters, though 😀
Now, it has salicylic acid so yes the blackheads are all GONE! First product which actually works on blackheads and I do think it works on breakouts as well because I did have a few bumps thanks to my skin-picking habit which did not dwell for more than 24 hours. It definitely helps in prevention if not cure. 

bad packaging! 
might dry out the dry skin
might not be great in winters

What else do I like about the product? Ummm…I pretty much mentioned everything. Yeah, one more thing is this might not be a great product for winters. Otherwise, yes, I would suggest it to every oily, combi and acne-prone skin.
Price: Rs 79 for 50gms

This facewash is pretty much available in all supermarkets and general stores. I got it from myntra, though. 
PS: Product was bought against a voucher in return for a product review for the website.
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  1. says

    @anonymous : try soulflower.. It’s either available at few shoppers stop outlets or online too from their site.
    i totally loved this face wash when i used it first, but i remember larger on packaging and with flip top cap. And yes, it is not meant for dry skin__ didn’t suit a friend who had drier skin. And also for me during winters, when my face become dryas arid deserts. It started drying my skin further & i started noticing dry patches around my mouth and forehead. But in summers my greasy skin loves it. It’s super fresh, no? A total winner in summers and especially humid monsoons :-)
    Gteat review swati.

    • says

      hey ishy…yes, its not meant for dry skin at all…oh may be the bigger one has that fliptop packaging, don’t know! i love the cool feeling, its just awesome :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,
    Hope you are doing well. I want to use essential oil like lavender and jasmine oil.
    Can you tell me which brand is gud n where can I buy it. I stay in hyderabad.
    I can also buy it online.
    Thank you. I hope you reply soon.

    • says

      hey…i can suggest kama ayurveda brand but you probably won’t get either of them in the brand, i guess. another one is azafran which is available on naturalmantra. you can try soulflower also but i am not really sure how pure they are. the other two i found them to be better than all others i have tried!

  3. Anonymous says

    tried using garnier pure active however it didn’t prevent my acne and black heads and it’s appearing more pimples.

    • Anonymous says

      em putting potato slices for some days but no clear results… and em sick of acne… tried almost every facewash All works initially but then the acne appears again

    • says

      hey. for acne, use ginger juice mixed with nutmeg powder. it really helps in clearing the skin. and, i think you might be having hormonal acne issue so getting a dermatologist consultation would be good!!!

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