Loving / Using It Vol. 1 – Garnier Pure Active pore unclogging wash

 Garnier Pure Active pore unclogging face wash at Perfect Skin Care for you

Loving / Using It : Loving It

Ok, so, let me say this is a new series which I have though just a minute ago! I have been dying to talk about this product but it has not yet been a month since I have started using it so the product review would come in time. 

But, I am totally loving this product. And, it is very rare that I love a product so much that I am just dying to talk about it. Yes, I would recommend it to all of you whole-heartedly! Especially for oily skin and acne prone skin beauties, go and grab it right away :)

What do you think about the series and the product if you have used it?


  1. says

    – i totally loved it when I was last using it__ does what it claims.
    And I think you should do somethong like “currently loving” or “currently crushing on” or “currently <3 -ing”kinda posts where you have to list down all the stuffs (beauty, non-beauty, all) that you are currently loving or enjoying during the week or maybe month (easier for you) .. All the to-be reviewed would go there too.. What’d’ya say?? :)

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