How to deal with insecurities during Pregnancy? {Women Stuff}

So, today was a good day because I came to know that one of my friend has finally become pregnant. Now, there is a new insecurity in her. She is just 4 weeks along and the heartbeat of the baby has not yet been heard on ultrasound.
Apparently, the heart beat can be heard on an ultrasound at latest by 7 weeks. And, her doc said it would take 5 weeks. Ok, I have no idea why the doc said so and may be she is right and google is wrong!
Anyways, my friend is scared to death about it. She wants the heartbeat like right now! I told her that 5 weeks is too soon for it, probably. I am obviously not well-informed but everyone around said so.
The main issue here is that she is insecure. She has been trying for a baby seriously since like 9-10 months at max. Honestly, I do not think it is too long a time because one year is generally a give and take when you are trying to conceive and she was under hell lot of stress for the past few months.
Two months back there was a significant delay in her periods and she was almost expecting she is carrying. Unfortunately, the reports turned out to be negative.
Moreover, it has been four years to her marriage and everyone around is hankering her for a baby. You know how insensitive people can get, right? We tried our level best to make her feel comfortable but it is something she has to let go.
I think it is a very common thing to get insecure in such a situation. There are so many changes in the physiology that attending to the moods and hormonal changes themselves are too much, leave taking care of office issues and other things at home!
What do you think is the best thing to combat such irrational thoughts? Do they affect the baby? Or, will these things just settle with time and she will get used to it?
PS: I just found out that heart starts beating at 22 days but might not be audible on the ultrasound till 5-6 weeks. Heart Beat is the first viable sign of pregnancy. And, I am keeping my fingers crossed!
PS 2: The images have been taken from google and I do not claim any ownership.
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  1. Revathy Hnb says

    6 weeks is generally when they say fetal heartbeat is detectable…

    emotional well-being is definitely an imp parameter.. to all-round health of the to-be mom & the baby too :)

  2. Shalini Srivastava says

    Hi Swati, I had suffered with such insecurities through out my first pregnancy, maybe because I had a miscarriage earlier or I have heard so many true or false advices, too much googled for any and every symptom. I guess during pregnancy what a girls needs the most is emotional support, if its her first time. Also one should keep talking to doctor in case of such queries, mine understood me well and answered all my calls with patience :) Like Revathy mentioned Fetal Heartbeat can be heard between 6-7 weeks.

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