Just Gossip Vol. 20 – What are the beauty treatments you have planned for this month?

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Isn’t facebook browsing one of the most time-killing activity? Yeah, you must be thinking I have no work to do! But, since I have come back from Delhi, I don’t feel like working at all!!
Anyways while whiling away my time on fb, I came across Lakme salon page and was going through their posts. There were quite a lot of tips and such things which were interesting to read. 

They had also posted quite many hair style pics and that reminded me that I had a hair spa just on Monday but I do not think I am terribly happy with it. And, I was already gearing up for the next one and hunting down which one to try out!! Any recommendations?
Naturally, I thought of asking you what are the beauty treatments you are planning to take this month and the early next? I have a wedding to attend so I kinda need to get somethings done! Uff…its such a pain to be a female, sometimes!
So, what are the pamperings you have planned for yourself or you already had?
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  1. Gayatri says

    Hi! It’s not a beauty treatment per se but I am planning to try this Italian wax, Rica on my calves.. Have you tried it?

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