Do you apply a primer before makeup? {Your Opinion}

I thought this post would form a very interesting premise to a post which is gonna come soon. No, its not gonna be on makeup but I think primer is much more useful than just being a base for makeup!
Anyways, leaving all that, do you know what a primer is? A primer forms a base on which makeup can be applied smoothly. So, one can draw an analogy from a smooth canvas on which an artist can create his art with ease. Or, may be the plaster on which paint is applied so that it does not peel off!!
For me, a primer is something which absorbs oil on the skin, keeps it matte and provides a smooth base for the next product so that there is an even look. Also, it keeps the entire makeup in place for long and does not let the face become dull.  

Now, there are a lot of primers available depending on the functionality of the product like a foundation primer or eyelid primer or even mascara primer! Anyways, this concept of primer probably originated from the use of primers in painting and woodwork.
So, do you apply primer before makeup? Which primer do you like best?  Have you ever heard of primers?
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  1. Shoppingaholic Jiya says

    I don’t apply makeup often but when I do, I ensure I apply primer. Sometimes I forget though – 😉

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