From the Archives : Aloevera for Hair : a quickfix {DIY}

As you all know, I swear by aloevera anytime of the day for hair. This was a tip I had found works really great when I had been at home and was trying out aloevera gel on my hair. I realized that applying aloevera gel is really messy but the gel dries off after a little while leaving really soft and really shiny hair. 

The best part is you can use the aloevera gel on the not-freshly washed hair to give it bounce! It can be applied everyday as well and you can use essential oils as well.

Also, when removing the gel from the leaf, the yellow parts or the green sticky messy parts should be avoided and only the clear gel be removes otherwise they get tangled in the hair.  

A quick fix to make your hair beautiful and style it in a short time is to apply Aloevera gel. Take a little of Aloevera according to your hair length in the palms and apply it to the hair. Massage some of it into the scalp and apply the rest on the hair. Pay special attention to the ends. Aloevera makes the hair sticky till it gets absorbed into the hair so you can style your hair in the mean time. It takes around 5-15 minutes for aloevera to get absorbed into the hair and does not weigh your hair down. After getting absorbed, Aloevera makes your hair shiny and bouncy.

Aloevera conditions your hair, makes hair smooth and soft and protects it from sun. It also stimulates hair growth if used on a regular basis. Aloevera can be used to moisturize hair. It is a natural humectant like honey and retains moisture. It can also be used on a daily basis. The gel from the plant can be applied directly on the hair. If bought from store, ensure that aloevera is pure and does not contain artificial additives.

Have you applied aloevera gel on your hair?

PS: The italicized paragraphs are the new updates. Rest of the post is same as it was originally published. 

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  1. Anonymous says

    which is the right way to make alovera gel?? can v take the fleshy part our and blend with some water in the blender and store it for future use as a conditioner… i have seen that if we put just the fleshy part it doesnot come out well… i mean the pieces remains… so is it okay if i blend it with some water???

  2. says

    hello..i’m here for the first time and yes..this place really’s as if we find a friend in you(even though first time)..i want to add something..i’m into a bit of ayurveda and as it suggests aloevera should not be used has to be cleaned by dipping in an out of water 7 times( u better follow this simple procedure coz i have seen people who had to shave their heads after an adverse reaction to aloevera)

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