The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil {Product Review}

I have never been a fan of coconut oil but I have been using it for sometime to remove the sunscreen and that is all there to it! I did never really try coconut oil for hair seriously because I did not see it doing much for my hair. So, lets see how this product worked on me!

Price: Rs 625 for 200ml
can be used as a leave-in treatment!
gets washed out easily
leaves subtle shine on the hair
very expensive!

its a clear oil

My Experience
It always looked to me that doing the reviews are the easiest thing on Earth because you just have to use the product and write about it! No thinking and no brainstorming. Easy-peasy.

And, then the reality crashes saying “What do you know? It is the most difficult part of blogging!” The blogger has to test a product in thousand possible ways and then list them down as to what passes the test and what doesn’t!

And, when it is a hair care product, it is even worse! So, forgive me if the review is too much or too less and please read on :)

I have been testing the product since a month and I can safely say I hate the smell. The oil is clear and colorless with a cocoa-buttery smell. Its not like I am a fan of the coconut oil smell but cocoa butter smell is even worse. And, the ingredient list states fragrance as well. They might have done better with few hair nourishing essential oils instead!
Anyways, barring that issue, I do not see any problem in the product. Incidentally, it is so different from coconut oil in texture probably because of the mix of all other oils. It is very less sticky and thick as compared to the regular coconut oil and does not weight down the hair if you apply as a leave-in serum. That is something I totally loved about the product.
it has all sorts of oils other than coconut and pracaxi (Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil)!

Now, it says about some Pracaxi oil which comes from South America. The oil comes from the Pracaxi seeds and has high concentration of behenic acid which apparently is good for hair! Behenic acid is a saturated fatty acid which has smoothing properties. (Source: Wikipedia)
Now, lets talk about how the product functions. Honestly, the product is so expensive that it will break your heart to use it as a hair oil. And, fortunately, I do not think I saw any difference in my hair when I used this oil as a pre-wash treatment. It did not contain the frizz or show any extraordinary difference compared to any other oil.
oil does not come drop by drop from the fliptop cap!

But, it was a hero when it came to post-wash treatment. You can easily skip the conditioner and use this product on a daily basis. Just two drops would be enough for mid-waist length hair and the leftover oil on the palms can be rubbed on the scalp. That prevents dryness of the scalp. And, even if you apply it everyday, your hair would not get weighed down.
Oh I forgot to mention – whether the product is used as pre-wash treatment or a post-wash, it leaves the hair really soft and provides subtle shine to it which makes the hair look really healthy! Hair looks full of life and bouncy. Since I wash my hair on alternate days on weekdays, my hair behaves relatively well.
Also, it brings out the color of your hair (if your hair is colored or naturally possesses some very interesting shade) which I totally loved. So, yes, it is a product which can be tried as a leave-in treatment. And, it will last you ages that way so you can spend on it in one shot as well :)
PS: Product provided by brand.
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  1. says

    Interesting review. I like that it can be used post wash. Cause till date all the oils I have used have made my hair look sticky and oily :(

  2. Brittney says

    Thanks for the great review. I have been looking for an oil for my hair for some time now. I am sick of those oils that promise to be non greasy, as well as your hair will not look oily and stringy. I will defiantly give this one a try. I’m with you on the smell of cocoa butter smell. I have never really cared for it either. Thanks for the tips.

  3. says

    Swati, I loved your review. I am a great fan of coconut and use coconut generously for my skin care. Body shop products I avoid because of they are exorbitantly priced. And again, if this has cocoa butter smell, I will surely pass as I hate that smell (something to do with my pregnancy). I use parachute coconut oil in my hair and leave it for an hour before washing. My hair is soft, silky and voluminous. I am not giving credit to the oil alone but it has supported my hair all these years. I use parachute body lotion for my skin with coconut milk. Because it’s good for deep skin conditioning, it leaves the skin soft, smooth, young, blemish-free and glowing.

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