Should you eat curd/yogurt at night? {Health}

Well, so you would already be aware that dinner should be the lightest meal of the day! But since I miss a decently filling lunch, I miss all the important ingredients like curd and such which I make up for in my dinner.

But, few months back some body warned me not to eat curd at night. That was because curd at night in winters is extremely cooling for the body. Also, curd is heavy on the stomach and doesn’t get digested easily!
And for people suffering with sinus issues, curd at night can lead to congestion and breathlessness as it pours the toxins into the lungs (that is not quite literally right but a metaphor)! Also, it can interfere with sleep. 
Ayurvedically as well, one is suggested to avoid curd at night. But if at all you are interested in having curd, mix a pinch of pepper powder. That’s what I read somewhere! Also, it is best if you can manage buttermilk instead but curd mixed with sugar is a complete no no. 
Do you eat curd at night? I shall mix pepper powder from now on!!
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    • says

      oh wow…thanks for telling me Coral coz i wasn’t sure if pepper in curd really does anything but it sure tastes good. have been doing it since i wrote the post 😀

  1. Anonymous says

    That is right. Ayurvedically pepper is slightly heating and is used to counter the coolness of curd. But it is good to avoid curd at night.

    A glass of buttlemilk(1 part curd and 3 parts water) after lunch is specially good for digestion.

    • says

      hi Snehashish. I am sorry but I did not check any of the comments since long! And, thanks, for pointing me to the right source. ayurveda is a completely different branch of science and whether it holds any significance or truth is not really my area of expertise. I have written only about what it says.

  2. Snehashish Khankal says

    Earlier I dumped your theory on “how yogurt causes sinusitis” and made a comment on it. And to my surprise it got deleted. Knowledge and truth should be made open to the people. I am very disappointed. I only see those comments which are not against your hypothesis.

  3. sesh singh says

    i hardly eat yoghurt at night but during krishan janamastami i made dahi bara…bara consists of (freshly grinded chick pea, dhania leaves,curry leaves, garlic,ginger,cumin n sawf , green chillies n salt to taste) and in youghurt i added salt to taste, geera powder, little bit crushed garlic, daniya leaves ..i kept in refrigerator ate for one week at night it wz really good for my digestive system …

    i think mayb yoghurt itself not gud at night for ppl who suffering from sinus n inflammation

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