5 Skin Care tips to deal with Roscea, Psoriasis and Eczema {Five Series}

Every day there is one comment on the blog about wither of these skin disorders. And, my only answer to them is to consult a doctor and I really wish they do! The reason being these are problems which are best treated under medical supervision. If left untreated, these issues can aggravate and cause more harm to the skin in the long run!

So, I came across an article by Dr. Perricone for these disorders while browsing through my mails. It is more a list of Do’s and Donts’ in such a case. So, let us begin.
Sensitive Skin
If you are suffering from any skin disorder, your skin is very very sensitive so avoid anything which can mildly be stinging for the skin. Exfoliation on the affected areas is a big no no. No alpha-hydroxy acids or any chemical peels or even the usage of fresh fruits in the skin care regime.
Do not use any orange or tomato or lemon or papaya or pineapple juice on the face. Using retinoids and any other skin supplements like vitamin C serums or products containing hydroquinone are also discouraged. Anything which increases the sensitivity of the skin can aggravate the problem!


Protect the areas from direct sunlight. Slather on a thick layer of sunscreen and reapply often. Physical Sunscreens are preferred as they generally trigger lesser allergies than the chemical sunscreens.

Keep the affected areas moisturized using hydrating moisturizers or body oils or face oils. Often the scalp skin is also affected with these disorders in which case hair fall becomes a common problem. So, make sure that you keep the scalp moisturized using couple of drops of oil or aloevera gel. Coconut, almond, apricot oils work really well to moisturize the scalp!
Also, it is important to keep the skin moisturized from inside. Eating a lot of omega rich foods is helpful. Or, taking Vitamin E rich foods. A table spoon of coconut oil everyday is also advised for improving the skin suppleness and hydration.
Another important thing to take care of is diet. Spicy food, alcohol and caffiene generally triggers allergies. Also, eating spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric are good for health. And add lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and whole grains. Processed foods should be strictly avoided.
Regular exercise is one of the keys of healthy living. It helps reduce stress levels and allows people to sleep deeply and calmly, among other things. And, helps with healthy flow of blood.
Please add some other points to the post!

PS: This post is supposed to be only a precautionary measure to prevent aggravating the already existing issue. It, by no way, should be taken as a treatment for the aforementioned disorders.
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    Very nice blog as many people suffer from eczema these days but it is not easily curable. I have eczema too. Coconut is a wonderful product in eczema as it does deep skin conditioning. I usually apply coconut oil in the night all over my skin. When I feel like pampering my skin, I apply freshly squeezed coconut milk. It’s the best.

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