Organic Surge Daily Care Facewash {Product Review}

Guest Post by Roshni

A big thanks to Swati for letting me do a guest post :) Hope you all like it! [Me: I should be thankful to you, Rosh, instead!]
After my Dove Beauty Moisture face wash got over, I decided to order the Organic Surge Daily Care face wash since I had read a lot about it. The one tempting factor of this face wash was the rose geranium oil which is one of the ingredients of the face wash. I love anything that smells of or contains roses and so I had to give this face wash a try!
Price: Rs 660 (Got it for INR528 from
Quantity: 200ml

My Experience
I will start off by saying I have become a big fan of this face wash! And this is not only due to the rose smell 😉 The face wash has all natural ingredients with no SLES or parabens. I find this to be another big attraction. It of course smells like roses – more like a gulkand smell. This is very refreshing. 
The face wash is not very runny nor creamy. It is a golden yellow in colour and lathers very well. I take a pea sized amount in my wet palm, rub it between my hands to generate lather, and then apply it to my face and neck. I then rub it gently and in a circular motion over my face and neck and wash it off.
My skin feels squeaky clean but not dry. It feels hydrated and soft. Also, my face tends to get small boils on the cheek bones and near the nose every few days if I don’t apply an antibacterial cream every 2-3 days. But since I have started using this face wash, the appearance of the boils has reduced and I do not need to use the antibacterial cream for many days at a time. So I am completely overjoyed!

• A small amount works a lot. This face wash will easily last me 6 months, I guess. I got it in April and little more than half is still left and that is with my husband using it half the time!!
• The rose smell! – even people who do not like rose smell or have a sensitive nose can use this cause the smell does not linger.
• Makes my skin squeaky clean without drying it.
• Reduces the appearance of boils.
• Comes in a pump dispenser bottle with a cap on top. So very easy to get the face wash out and also travel friendly.
• Contains natural ingredients which are definitely proving very good for my skin.
• Availability (only available online)
• Expensive? – I don’t think so cause it will last really long as I said above and is well worth the price!
So have you used this face wash? How do you like it?
Me: You have definitely sold me over the product, Rosh! Its on my list!

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  1. Revathy says

    i hv tried this n totally loved it! might come bac to it after finishing other face washes in my kitty :)

  2. says

    I do not see myself using any other face wash ever….Helps me during my double cleansing. Got it for my husband but i sneakily use it. It definitely smells like Gulkhand. A tad expensive (£4.98) but worth it.

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