Olay Total Effects 7 in One cream + serum duo SPF 15 {Product Review}

I am doing this review as a part of blogadda program so I had to use it for 7 days and post the review. Unfortunately, the clever me totally skipped that part of the deal!!

So, here goes a quick review of the product and I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to whomsoever it may concern. Also, please note that I have not tried the product for a month as I regularly do!

Price: Rs 369 for 20gms
gets absorbed into the skin easily!
doesn’t feel heavy on skin!
prevents skin from getting dull!
does not really stand tall on all it claims!!
My Experience

Well, for the starters, I do not like the fact that it has spf 15. Since it is an anti-aging product which is a cream-serum combo, it should have either been a night cream (I am sure Olay has something in that category as well) or have a higher sun protection factor if it was intended for morning use.

Anyways, a moisturizer should not be used as a sunscreen so it works out perfectly. The product is really light on the skin provided you don’t tend to overuse.

A pea-size drop is enough to cover face and neck. It gets absorbed into the skin within seconds without leaving any greasy feeling. And, the result is a well-hydrated skin. 
Given that I have not been taking care of my skin prior to the arrival of this product, I did see some laugh lines along the mouth. The proper moisturizing from the product did help smoothen them. They are still there but less visible because of supple skin. 
One thing I noticed since I started with this product was that my skin was not getting dull by the end of the day which it had started to when it was peak summers. May be it is this product or the weather itself! Hyderabad has been awesome lately :)
the seven claims! please click on the pic to enlarge and read them and i am sorry to not get a clear pic! next time I shall do better!

But, sine the main ambition of the product is to address seven signs of aging, let me talk about how it fares on those grounds. The pic above shows the seven effects and it also claims to give more fairness. 
Honestly, I do not think I saw any difference on those seven claims! I have a few fine lines under the eye on which there was no effect but then it has been just like 10-14 days I have been using the product! Wrinkles need little more time to improve!
On grounds of even skin tone, I do not think I saw anything either. When I apply the product, it helps brighten the skin but that is that! It does not lighten the skin tone or anything. 
I have few dark spots on the neck but unfortunately there is no improvement in them either! Now, there is change in the skin pores. When skin is adequately moisturized, pores do seem less in size so that is the only change I have seen! 
One thing more I have noticed is that the effects of the product are visible only as long as you keep on applying it. So, I think the product would be more effective when it is used along with its night time counterpart!
can you see the yellow ribbons in the product? that’s the serum at work!!

My Verdict
The product is worth being tried once. It might be a good moisturizer for all those who are searching for one! And, it can be used on oily or combination skin as well!!
Have you tried out this product? Do share your experiences!
I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at BlogAdda.com

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