Just Gossip Vol. 16 – How is 2013 treating you?

So, this is almost the middle of the year! Gosh, it flew by so quickly or rather it is flying by so quickly and there have been an insane amount of changes in my life, nothing major but essential. 
What about you? How is your life treating you? You are sad, happy, bitter, exhilarated? 
I just wanted to remind you on the project we had started at the start of this year – the New Year Project! Are you keeping track of how the year is proceeding? I should have kept it as a monthly journal, I realized that just now but then better late than never :) 

So, till now the year has treated me in all ways possible! But, some of the major things I have realized this year or late last year was that I love writing. I wrote my first short story few months back and I did pen down another piece. Also, I went to North-East for the first time in my life and my start-of-year travel has been amazing! I can live it day in day out in my mind. And, then, job is good this year (at least better than the last) and I am more introspective. And, best of all, I turned 27 and I can see myself changing everyday in some or the other way for the good!!
Oh btw, I found this really inspiring and interesting article about what things you should accomplish in your 20’s. Do check it out. Its amazing and I am sure you are gonna love it!
Also, do let me know how you are doing. You do not have to share anything if it is too personal but a general comment is just more than enough! 
Share in comments below what special you have done in this new year, what things have inspired you and if you have moved a little closer to realizing what you want to do! Or, may be you have joined those dance classes you always wanted to or lost the weight you were aiming for!
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  1. Coral Crue says

    Wow, I loved this post. You really travelled north-east. can you pleast do a post on it, please please? I want to travel too!!!
    About my year, well it started out ok. Then dad fell ill, was serious and we were all shaken. Things are better now but the fear is always there deep down inside the heart. Moments of loneliness and thoughts of how to handle family situations. Oh well. Progressing. reading some eckhart tolle and trying to move on from that phase.
    Your post was very reflective and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)

    • says

      hey Coral…thanks a lot and I am so relieved at least some one liked the post 😀 yeah…i went to guwahati, thats it! but it was itself so beautiful i can’t imagine how beautiful other places would be. i shall surely put up the photos but would need sometime for it!

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