Gynaec consultation before marriage {Bridal Files}

I am reviving the bridal files after a long hiatus. As I have earlier also explained, writing about something which I have never been through does not really come easy to me. Now, how did this come?

One of my colleague is getting married soon and we were just discussing about the various issues involved in a relationship. So, there are a few points I thought would be good if everyone knows about them.

Pre-poning or Post-poning of Periods

Well, having periods around the D-day is most inconvenient, not to mention it is forbidden to sit in pujas at that time! So, always keep a track of your periods during that time.
Also, if they are by any chance falling around the same time, better consult a gyneac on how to postpone or prepone them. I would suggest preponing so that you are over with them when the actual ceremonies start.

How to avoid conception?
Well, this can be done before or after marriage. But, if you are sure you do not want to conceive right away, it is always good to consult a gyneac to know the ways of avoiding the errors. I would suggest the couple to go together!
Medical Test before Marriage
This is something I have discussed long before. Getting a thorough checkup of the reproductive system done beforehand for both bride and groom would avoid a lot of unfortunate events in the later life.
These are a few pointers right now in my mind. Please feel free to add more to them. I know this might sound very obvious or you might die with embarrassment just thinking about the idea of discussing these issues with the prospective groom or bride but it is practical and its always good to be aware.
What do you think? Should one go for such consultations or not?
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  1. Pallavi Watermarks says

    One should def go for consultations before marriage if it’s luv or just after her marriage if its arranged.
    Nice post

  2. says

    Right on, Swati! All your suggestions are perfect. In a love marriage, it would be easier to discuss (though egos can come into play), but even in an arranged marriage, they should talk and have health checkups done.

    • says

      hey Rosh…haha..yeah egos are a huge issue when it comes to relationships but i guess now people should understand that these are practical and necessary aspects of a relationship!

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