From the Archives : Growing Long Eyelashes {DIY}

Please note that this is an old post which I am republishing for the benefit of the new readers. Interestingly, I am starting the new series From the Archives from today. I shall be posting at least one old post every week after editing them, if necessary. Hope you will like it.

Have you ever been jealous of babies or kids, especially boy kids and even guys. They always have better lashes! At least all those I have met specially have amazing eyes and even better eyelashes. I know of only one girl who has amazingly thick and long lashes and she has great hair as well!!

Well, growing long eyelashes seem to be too difficult. Everyone wants beautiful eyes framed with long and lush eyelashes. Such eyelashes are not a natural gift to everyone but you need not despair. Some patience and regularity in your routine can help you achieve that task. To be frank, I do not know whether you can grow that thick eyelashes as you watch on the screens when you look at your favorite actress but definitely, you can make them better than their present condition.  

Oh my gosh! When I read that the first thing which came to my mind was was I really that bad??? Well, let us look at the silver lining. I have improved so much!! So, lets get back to the post. Yeah, getting great eyelashes is not exactly easy but it is do-able.

Apply castor oil every night. Be patient. The results would not be seen over night. The eyelashes growth cycle completes in about two months so by end of those months you can definitely see your eyelashes in a better shape.

Also, coconut works great. Do not try almond, though. It stings the eyes badly! But, coconut or castor, both do not sting the eyes. 

And, before leaving, vaseline does no good for the eyelashes so please do not waste time using that remedy. It just makes your eyelashes wet and sticky and when they are wet, the eyelashes look longer so basically, what you see after applying vaseline is just an illusion and I’m not even sure whether you should actually apply vaseline to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Also, I have read so much about vaseline being great but I have not tried the method. What I have written above is probably not correct either. But, if the remedy works for you, go ahead with it without any qualms. 

PS: All the paragraphs in italics are update and the regular text is the old one!


  1. babita says

    My daughter is 15mts old and has very light eyebrows and eyelashes can i use caster oil for her also. pls help…..

  2. says

    You should not use such a heavy oil on a baby. Her skin is very delicate. And, do not worry about her eyebrows and eyelashes. It is very common for babies to be born with light hair and as they grow old, the hair gets darker.
    I would instead advise you to feed your baby with lots of fruits, veggies and other nutritious food which will improve her whole body from inside. Take advise from doctor whether you can start giving her almonds mixed with milk. That would do a lot of good to her skin, hair and brain.
    And, I hope you do massage her everyday from head to toe with almond oil. That would help in building the muscles of the body and also improves the skin and hair texture. I’ll recommend you to use Rogan Badam Shirin externally on your baby. Do not feed it to her. You will find it in any drug store.

  3. BABITA says

    thanks a lot for ur suggestion.
    i m really worry as i have also less hairs, eyebrows and eyelashes my be she inherit this fm me…..

  4. says

    Well, yes, inheritance is a big part of hair anatomy in our body. But, with regular care you can improve the hair as your kid is really young and I would again like to tell you that nutrition plays a big role in this. I would soon be posting on this for you. Most probably within a week.

  5. Zahra Shad says

    I think i love going through your blog.The best part is the sincerity it reflects with keeping hype to minimum.I firmly believe in under promise and over deliver policy and what i witness here is that you don’t set up false expectations for anyone.Thanx for the inputs u keep giving so judiciously n keep up the lovely work.

  6. xx says

    I think saw in your another post where you mentioned coconut oil stings but not almond oil ?!
    from personal experience. .castor oil stings..might be mild to some

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