Does milk increase the weight? {Health}

Ok, so this is a question for you all! What do you think? Milk or eating dairy products everyday increase the weight?
Well, in my opinion, yes it does! I have been without milk for almost a year or more and I had noticed a drastic decrease in my weight. Also, its not only my experience but one of the guy colleague who is literally paranoid about weight attests the fact.
Well, some do say that it actually depends on person to person as to what contributes in their weight increase or decrease. To a lot of extent, that is absolutely true!

But, when it comes to milk, there are quite a lot of milk types – whole milk, toned, skimmed and what not! Honestly, I can’t even understand what toned, doubled toned and skimmed are for but anyways they are different levels of milk processing.

Now, whole milk has maximum amount of calories and skimmed non-fat milk has least amount. And, many people are used to adding sugar in milk so that adds extra calories to the body thus resulting in weight gain.
On the other hand, it comes as a boon for underweight people. Drinking two glasses of milk a day can improve your weighty issues. Also, milk mainly contains proteins which improve the muscle mass. So, a healthy dose of exercise is required to fight off that muscle mass in unhealthy weight gain.
Now before you start discontinuing milk, let me also state that since it is rich in proteins and helps in building the muscles, not taking milk on a regular basis can actually leave you weak and without energy in the long run. I have myself undergone the situation. I was wan and weak and irritable all the time!
So, the best bet is to drink a glass of skimmed milk. But, also remember that excess processing of milk actually strips off the nutrients! So, honestly, I have no idea what to drink and what not. I as usual do not mind a lot of fat so I love whole milk 😀 And, btw, I should also add that some people claim milk and dairy products help lose weight!
What about you? You like skimmed milk? Or, you prefer to do the no-milk show?
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  1. Revathy says

    i don’t prefer skimmed milk.. even my doc doesn’t recommend it!

    i usually buy milk with 3.5% fat content (wat most of us call – toned), boil & cool it, remove the layer of cream (or fat) that settles on the top & then use the milk for beverages or directly!

    so less fat & the goodness of milk too…

    • says

      oh is it??? i didn’t know that skimmed milk is not good!

      oh so toned milk has 3.5% of fat…thanks for letting me know, Revathy :) hmmm…better. that’s what even i do. remove the cream and drink off the milk.

      oh btw, someone few days back told that homogenized and pasteurized milk should not be boiled because it removes all the good things in the milk. any idea if it is true???

    • Revathy says

      no dear… its just a process to kill germs immediately upon procuring milk.. doc’s generally say boil milk before u consume..

      i had the habit of drinking cold milk directly from the milk packet few yrs back.. my doc ridiculed me for tat! :(

      skimmed milk has 2 or less % of fat…

      one more info.. those packets of milk tat u get in the hypermarket which need not be refrigerated n be consumed after 120 days too are also not good it turns out to be… they are flash uv heated to kill bacteria.. n the new theory is they can come back live with time.. :(

    • says

      hmmm…thank god because i was also of the same opinion before this lady gave me another perspective! yeah…thats what na…packeted milk is anyways not really good for health so it really does not matter whether its boiled or not!

  2. says

    Whole milk sure does tastes good but I have been using low fat milk so far. Maybe I also should try removing the cream of the whole milk.

  3. says

    I dont think so.. I had gained some weight after college and then I started working with Oriflame and earning ridiculously amazing money and joined a really fancy gym in my neighbourhood.. the first thing my trained said was.. start having half a litre skimmed milk.. and he was right..! You must never quit milk.

    • says

      hey Preety…yup but it was skimmed milk na. may be full fat milk does result in gaining weight! whatever but leaving milk does have other side effects so it should never be left as you said :)

    • says

      hey Harveen…i think you should consult a padeatrician because they will be able to pinpoint what exactly is not causing the kid to gain weight! they might alo be nutritionally deficient and also give him a lot of healthy food. hope this helps :)

  4. says

    Well, in my opinion, yes it does! I have been without milk for almost a year or more and I had noticed a drastic decrease in my weight. Also, its not only my experience but one of the guy colleague who is literally paranoid about weight attests the fact.

  5. says

    I kinda lose weight when consuming milk. Especially a lot around my tummy. I don’t know, I practice suryanamaskara daily so maybe, in conjuction it helps. I take just a cup full of boiled whole milk (straining out the cream/malai that forms), add a pinch of turmeric and drink it up at bedtime.

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