Ayurvedic tips I have incorporated in my daily routine! {Health}

Have you ever tried Ayurveda in your daily routine? I did it. It had started with one day my mom telling me to wash my eyes with the triphala infusion. She had seen it on some program which imparts the ayurvedic tips for healthy living. And, then, some other tip came and then something else! And, on and on.
But then how many things can you incorporate in the routine so I just left it at that. But, these tips were something which were not so intrusive and could be followed easily. And, their benefits were too good to pass up. I have been doing these things on and off for the past one month or more. And, I can talk about the benefits I have seen in my skin or hair or body!
Triphala Eye Wash
Every morning right after I get up, I wash my eyes with the triphala infusion. And, the results?

Brighter eyes, clearer eyes, whites are more prominent, eyes do not get dry, they do not get tired of staring at the laptop, and the best is yet to come – lesser finer lines under the eyes ๐Ÿ˜€ The infusion hydrates the skin there and makes it moisturized so that helps with lesser wrinkles and fine lines. Of course, moisturizer and sunscreen do their part as well :)

How to make infusion?
Take a 1/2 tbsp of triphala powder in a glass and dissolve it in glassful of water. Leave it overnight. Strain the morning and use it as eyewash.
I have to warn you here that this infusion stains the washbasin and where it falls so when you are washing your eyes, get either eye wash cups or do something to prevent spilling.
Almond Oil Nose Drops
This has to be done just before dozing off!! Just a drop of almond oil in both of your nostrils and you are good to doze off into deeper realms. Results?
Amazingly this helps with headaches, helps you sleep better, greases your air pipe and the nostrils, cleans them of any dirty things and the list is actually quite long. But, the main thing is deep and calm sleep for me and lesser headaches.

How to use?
Get a bottle of Badam Rogan and a dropper from the pharmacy. And, that is it. Keep them by your bedside and do not forget to use them.
Oil Pulling
This has to be the most heavy tip I have incorporated in my routine. And, I think it is difficult given that you have to take a tablespoon of oil in your mouth right after you get up and swish it for 20 minutes before throwing it off. And, yeah, the first time you do it, you WILL surely gag! Results?
I am not sure if I really saw any benefits till now but I think its a routine which does not show the benefits immediately or even in the long run. The benefits are more internal and not visible. It sure does make my teeth more white and cleanse out the cough and phlegm from the body. Swishing for 20 minutes surely makes me feel wide awake but I doubt if it was supposed to be one of its benefits ๐Ÿ˜€

How to do it?
Traditionally, sesame oil is used for this method. I use coconut oil, though. Take a table spoon and swish it all around the mouth gently without making your jaw hurt and then it will turn watery and foamy by the end of 20 minutes when you can spit it out. Rinse your mouth with salt water, preferably mineral or rock salts not the table salt. And, brush. Yes, it has to be done before brushing your teeth and on empty stomach right after you get up.
The benefits are multi-varied. First, it is a detoxification ritual for the body. The oil pulls all the toxins and turns watery and foamy because of them. That is also the reason why you should not ingest even a bit of that oil and throw it all off and cleanse your mouth properly. Second, I think it is extremely helpful for people with respiratory issues as it helps clean the mucus canal and improves sinusitis issues and if you are suffering from cold, you can do this to get rid of the phlegm. It is also great to maintain the healthy teeth and gums and oral care. It helps prevent bad breath.
That’s it for me now. If I include any more tips in my daily routine, I shall surely let you know :)
And, what about you? Do you practice ayurveda in your daily routines? Do you find them beneficial?
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  1. Aks says

    Triphala I use regularly

    Almond Oil I use to cure my Sinus

    sesame oil, I will give it a try, Thanks for the Tips :)

  2. says

    I used to have very bad bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.. after using oil pulling therapy my gum became healthy and sensitivity of teeth vanished.. even when we have a cavity that is badly hurting, oil pulling pulls out all the germs from the cavity and makes the tooth pain free… it is a gem of a cure… plus long term effect is loss of appetite which in turn helps us loose weight…

    • says

      oh wow…did not know it helps in loss of weight as well!! yes, it does help with bad dental health though but did not know about the sensitivity of the teeth cure as well. should recommend it to dad, then!

  3. nami says

    omg such lovely tips..i am so intrigued to try them out..specially Oil Pulling but dont know if i would be able to bear it :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Where did you get the dropper? I asked in a few pharmacies and they all looked at me like I was asking for hard drugs!!!

    – Poohkie

  5. Anonymous says


    • says

      cup your palms and take the solution in the palm. hold the palm so that your eye is deep in the solution. yes, the solution would be leaking out of your hand. once it leaks out totally, refill your palm. and, in the mean time, move your eyeballs in all directions so that your eyes get completely washed.

  6. says

    Nice blog and nice everyday tips. I do a kind of mouth freshening ‘oil pulling’ before sleep with my own mix of warm water and any oil that suits me that time and find it useful for oral hygiene. But I haven’t seen any good effects of oil pulling in the morning with anyone as yet. It will be interesting to know if it helps you in longer run, will be eager to know.

  7. Stella says

    I use this oil for face massage regularly. Its really good giving healthy, glowing skin. Loved the tips you have shared here. These are helpful and got some new usage of this oil. Thanks for sharing and will be looking for further update also.

    The Natural Beauty

    • says

      hey Ravi. there is a brand 24 letter mantra which sells cold pressed organic oils. also, do check out in your supermarkets for organic products. there are quite a lot of organic brands like terra naturals, down to earth, etc. and, some products are also available on naturalmantra.com. you can check it out as well.

  8. kulvinder says

    i had a headache for such a long time. After every medical test. Nothing wrong. But headache was increasing. I used to watch Ayurveda tips. Then i tried cows desi ghee drops in my nose at bedtime. It was a miracle.it relived me that night and i could sleep properly. Now i use almond oil instead of ghee.the result is same.
    There is one question ?
    Can i use it all my life or drop after dome time?

    • says

      yes you can use it forever. since it is an ayurvedic treatment, it helps in the long term. and, yes, it is very effective at curing headaches and insomnia.

  9. Aslam Khan says

    I have been suffering from accute Insomnia for a long time and taking sleeping pills but now it’s not working and getting very hard to sleep day by day. Now, I want to get rid of this problem. Please let me have some remedy for my problem.


  10. Rohit says


    I am suffering from sinus and have polyps in both the nostril.

    Which oil i should use so that i can breath through my nose.
    Also, can i use the almond oil in my ear.


  11. Gauri Arora says

    Hi..Thank you so much for posting a very nice post..
    Though its an old post; but very effective. I need to ask one question…..
    I have started putting almond oil in my nostrills…Is it necessary to do mouth gargle with the solution of lukewarm water and little salt after it ??..Please reply

    • says

      hi Gauri. no, it does not even go into your mouth. it just drips off. thats is fine. just make sure you use edible almond oil. there is no need to gargle after it. you can straight away go to sleep :)

  12. lara says

    for Sinus and polyps use shadbindu oil . It is available at patanjali also and few other brands like dabur and baidyanath

  13. Amit Kumar says

    Hello Ms. Swati ji. My eyebrows hairs(4 to 5 hairs) are white/grey. My eyebrows hairs are thick and strong but i looses my eyebrow hairs more whenever get dandruff. but now its fine. My only concern is for white eyebrows. Most of the days i feel foul smell in nostrils. So is this related to sinusitis or cold? Somewhere i found that B12 vitamin deficiency is the major cause of white hairs in eyebrows. Can i use some oil to put in nostrils? I used Shadbindu oil from patanjali but its very hard for nostrils. Cannot put for more than a minute. Please give me solution for white hairs in eyebrows also for foul smell in nose.


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