Areev Natural Handmade Soap Wild Orchid {Product Review}

So, let me introduce you to another brand – Areev. You can check out the site here. Now, how I came across the brand is through Good Seeds market. Good Seeds is an organization which holds a monthly market in Hyderabad and promotes natural, handmade and organic products through fair trade. Check out their site here
Price: Rs 60
gentle on skin
smells nice
lasts long enough!
does not really moisturize

Ingredients List – olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, jasmine and ylang ylang EO

My Experience
Since I have started on the handmade soaps a couple of years back, I have been hooked on them and I love trying out every XYZ brand I come across. And, fortunately each one of them has been better than previous! And, then I came across the Goodseeds and I got many more brands to try out! (Oh yes, there are many other products coming up!)

Like all the handmade soaps, this one also is gentle on skin and feels nice. It says wild orchid but it actually has the essential oils of jasmine and ylang ylang which try to replicate the elusive orchid smell!!
The soaps lathers decently in water but still does not melt away! It has lasted me almost 20 days with two uses each day and still there is some more of the soap left!
The best part of the soap is it is pretty inexpensive when it comes to handmade soaps at 60 bucks as opposed to the others being in the range of 90-100 and above and they do not last as long!

Ok, you do need to moisturize after having a bath with the soap. But then the weather is getting dry in Hyderabad so can not rely on the soap alone. 
There are a few variants of the soaps available from the brand and the next I am trying is cucumber mint. Will let you know about that soon enough but for now see if you can try this one :)
As far as I know you can only order it through Good Seeds. Unfortunately, Good Seeds delivers only locally :(
Have you tried out Good Seeds or Areev soaps?


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