5 Oils I love for my Hair {Five Series}

I am so stumbled by the writer’s or shall we say bloggers block so I thought of one topic I would love to write about and suddenly, it popped. I love oils and I love taking care of my hair so combine them both and voila, oils for hair ๐Ÿ˜€

Ok, that was no rocket science but trust me, it is not easy to write a post with full conviction. So, one has to constantly either evolve their likings or stick ot something they believe fully in!! So, lets check out which oils I totally love using on my hair.
Coconut Oil
Not my first choice generally but it is said that coconut oil gets absorbed very easily into the hair. And, since I started to try TBS Rainforest Coconut Oil, I am liking it a lot. I am using it as a leave-in serum as well which is working out decently!!

Almond Oil
Ok, Rogan Badam has to be my favorite. It has revived my hair, after all.
These were the bring oils so lets move to something exotic now!
Grapeseed Oil
It is supposed to stimulate hair follicles and improve hair growth so how could I pass this one? I included a few drops of rosemary EO and use 3-5 drops of the mix as scalp treatment for my hair after washing it. In case, you are wondering, it is not oily AT ALL!!
Pomegranate Seed Oil
Ok, this was part of my hair conditioning and frizz-fighting arsenal. And, of course, it sounds so exotic so I picked this up when I saw it on Soulflower. I used to use it as leave-in serum but can’t say how much it has really helped my hair. Probably, more testing is required!
And, now, lets move to the good old ayurveda!

It is one oil in the recent times which has tamed my hair and has been giving it a healthy appearance. The one variant which I got recently is pretty non-sticky as opposed to the general belief that ayurvedic oils are extremely sticky so that’s a plus!! In fact, in the recent days, I have been using few drops (2-3) of this oil as scalp treatment instead of the Grapeseed oil mentioned above!
So, what about you? Which oils do you like? Have you used any exotic oils lately for the hair?
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  1. says

    WOW…nice article…i totally love oils,be it for hair or body.Since I started growing my hair long I tried to keep it in good condition,and nothing beats the old-fashioned hot oil treatment :) I love coconut oil(don’t like the smell so I add 2drops of lavender essential oil with it b4 applying on hair),and rogan almond oil is also very good.I have used patanjali almond oil,and it was also good.But its thinner in consistency as compared to rogan almond oil ,so I doubt about it being too pure.Hence I m sticking with rogan almond oil.

    I use few drops of jojoba oil+lavender oil as a leave in serum or to control any frizz :)

    • says

      hey Monali…yes, absolutely though i am doing only oil treatment not the hot one ๐Ÿ˜€ yes i like coconut oil smell but somehow i never really liked it on the hair.
      oh is the patanjali one not really thick?? i do have purity concerns when it comes to patanjali. i don’t know why but i always have suspicions on the brand!
      i did try jojoba but somehow i don’t think it really worked for me :( but, yeah, its considered to be awesome for frizz and as a leave-in!

  2. says

    Does the pomegranate tame down the frizz? My hair behaves decently in every city except Chennai (where I live!!) because of the humidity! I hate it!!!

    • says

      hey Poohkie…actually these days my frizz is less and coconut oil i am using is way better than that. i shall again check with pomegranate oil and let you know about how well it works on the frizz :)

  3. Anonymous says

    hiii swathi….i have severe hairfall could you please let me know which hair oil is good i just wanted to try rosemary EO please suggest me.

    • says

      coconut – body shop and some local brand in hyderabad which is organic
      almond – rogan badam
      pomegranate, grapeseed – soulflower
      neelibrigandi – kotakkal arya vaidya sala

  4. Anonymous says

    Sesa hair oil is good… it gets washed off easily… my hair feels softer.. I have used it thrice and i am so much in love with this product…visibly less hairfall while applying and washing too… its a great product..

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