Re-application of Sunscreen {Sunscreen}

Treat this as the second part to yesterday’s sermon on sunscreen. Sometimes I do feel my posts sound like sermons? It’s ok. You need not be polite ๐Ÿ˜› Anyways, lets proceed.

So, where was I? Yeah, I was talking about how much sunscreen to apply. I finished with that and left you to think about re-application! This is probably one of the most frustrating routines of skin care. And, there are quite many roadblocks to reapply sunscreen.
I have makeup on!
Sunscreen is supposed to go under makeup and not over, right? So, how can I reapply it? Well, fair enough!
Its so yucky!
The two finger rule itself not being enough, you have to apply the same amount of sunscreen every two hours. How many layers of stickiness should I have on?
Fortunately, quite a lot of high-end sunscreens are coming matte. So, you can probably go with reapplications. But, seriously, I am the wrong person to answer this.
I use Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen and one pump of it itself makes my face oily after a few minutes and using more of it is way too difficult. I have tried re-application but honestly my work place also doesn’t facilitate the process.

Taking a sunscreen bottle to the washroom kinda looks weird to me. I don’t do touch-ups there so I have only one application and the days I try re-applying, the tint gets too much for the skin and either it shows up as patches or white cast!
One of the ways to reapply the sunscreen is by removing the previously applied layer. Well, there is a huge hitch in that. If you have makeup on, you can obviously not remove the entire thing and reapply so that goes a little impractical as well.
So, the answer again comes back to the same thing – apply according to your schedule and amount of time you would be spending outside. If you stay inside, there is no need for re-application. But, you might go for just one thin layer so as to protect yourself from the light and computer radiations
But, you have a team outing or a shopping spree planned, you can go for a thick application. In such cases, always make sure you have applied a thicker-than-usual amount of sunscreen and follow with lighter makeup. Also, make sure that the loose powder you do touch-ups with has adequate protection. 
Though, I would like to make another point here. Just as a bit of sunscreen doesn’t really provide any protection, a bit of loose powder dusted on the face doesn’t give spf 25 amount of protection. For that much of protection, you need almost 1/4th of the product quantity.
What do you do? Do you re-apply your sunscreen? How do you protect yourself when outside all day long?
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