My Hair Diary – April 2013

No snaps this time! Apologies! Anyways, I did not really take that much care of my hair as I did in March. I did not do anything special for my hair except once treating it with egg and musk root. Btw, egg with musk root and ginger essential oil did not really stink! 

What else did I do? 
Since summers are a bane for me, I made do with a few drops of Navratan oil almost twice or thrice a week. Seriously, it helps with tiredness and mild insomnia! The review will come in due time.

And, no, I do not wash my hair daily even though I sometimes really wish it. One tip is just let the sweat on the scalp dry out before you tie your hair. And, keep the scalp clean. Itching can be considered an indication to wash the hair. And, for some, I think the hair be better washed everyday if they travel daily in lot of sun and pollution.
Oh btw, I have also been taking some supplements of which I shall talk in another post so stay tuned! 
Products Used
  • Leave-in and Scalp Treatment – Soulflower Grapeseed Oil with Rosemary EO + Soulflower Pomegranate Seed Oil
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      hey Waseema…no, i didn’t try grapeseed oil from moksha coz you have to order in kgs from them :( so i don’t have anything to compare this thing with!!!

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