Just Gossip Vol. 15 – A trip to Ayurveda!

It has been like ages since I have written about hair. But, there was an interesting development last month. Have you heard of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala? They have quite a number of outlets in Hyderabad which I came to know through google. It is a long story!
Anyways, there is a store decently close to my house so one day I went forth after the office. Now, they have Ayurvedic doc also coming to their store every alternate weekday so I went at the very moment when I could find a doc! The doc holds MD in ayurvedic studies so that was reassuring.
I went to the store with a very long list of products to get from there. And, I asked the doc about the hair growth issue. So, he prescribed me two tablets (lets call them A and B) and Neelibrigandi oil. Now, I have no issues talking about one of the tablets, A which is meant for hair, because it is I think pretty much available everywhere but I shall do it some other time.

this is tablet A

Now, you would ask me if I saw any benefits? First, the hair doesn’t generally show any significant changes in the first month of some treatment so lets say I shall continue those tablets for an indefinite amount of time for now. Second, I don’t know about the B tablets. These tablets for weight loss and taking care of the metabolism and digestion issues. 

I am completely against such tablets but since they were totally ayurvedic, I was fine with them. But, I don’t think I shall get them again and that’s not for the want of the benefits. But, I think its better to maintain weight with physical efforts than resorting to all kinds of tablets, howsoever safe they might be! But, the constitution of both A and B tablets are totally safe. 

this is tablet B

And, coming to the oil, I did not use it more than twice by now but it smells really really bad! Everything ayurvedic smells or tastes really bad, it seems. Coz, the tablets also taste bad :( Anyways, this oil should be used every night before going to bed on the scalp. But, since I do not wash my hair everyday, I avoid doing that! 
But, an interesting discovery was Neelibrigandi helps in cooling the scalp! Thanks to Pranali, I came to know of this. So, I think I shall try using this oil at least on alternate nights or may be every night! I shall do that and let you guys know about how effective it is! In the mean time, let me tell you that the store is pretty popular and many many people came in the time frame I was there. I think you might also want to visit and check it out.

Have you ever been to Kotakkal Vaidya Sala’s clinics?

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  1. ife says

    NB oil is totally awesome…Been using for years..Has all good herbs plus milk proteins. If you are prone to colds do not use it at nights.. It is ultra cooling.. :)

  2. Pranali says

    i still haven’t been to the doctor or the store.. the oil that i have from AVS smells okayish.. but have been very irregular with it..

  3. Anonymous says

    HI Swati, Iam 23 years old. I’ve fair complexion but from around last 1 month I am having pimples on my face causing dark marks. I am also taking vitamin capsules as suggested by the doctor nd applying besan-haldi paste, aloe vera etc. but not getting any sufficient results. As the small pimples are appearing 1 by 1. I’ve my engagement after 14 days. Plz help me dear…..

    • says

      hey…i have replied on the other comment you left! m so sorry for the delay! use potato juice on the dark spots. they really help. and, try out the other remedy i mentioned. that would definitely help :)

  4. anusha says

    yes i have heard of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya ..thay have a store in delhi too ..how does it compared to kama brigandi ..i am looking for a cheaper yet effective replacement..nami

  5. anusha says

    yes i have heard of it..how does it compared to kama brigandi oil..am looking for a cheaper yet effective alternative..nami

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