Just Gossip Vol. 14 – What did you do this weekend?

Please don’t get bored by my rantings! I just felt like gossiping with you :)
ME? I didn’t do anything much but my Saturday was bad! My personal laptop had decided to break its hinge long while back and I had just delayed taking it to the service center.
Finally, I did that last week and guess what HP people say! They were overcharging for the repair by almost 1/4th of the price of the laptop! So, I decided to give a local shop a try. 
But, can you imagine that I found two of the bushes on which the laptop rests on the bottom were missing when I was in that other shop and that was mistake of the service center guys. I was so infuriated.

I again rushed back to the service center and back to that shop. Finally, gave the laptop for repair and praying it wouldn’t cost me exorbitant. And, finally, I went to Godrej Nature’s Basket (GNB) on my way back.
I love the shop for the yummy cheeses they have. This time I got Gouda chilli. Its seriously yummmm. And, I got litchies as well but damn expensive over there. I was hoping to see some exotic fruits but none.
They had cherries which was like a box complete which is impossible for me to finish. And, there were blueberries. Too few for the cost. And, there was something called mulberry. I don’t know what they are but looked like jamun to me.
And, then, I went to Inorbit. I splurged on Caca Maroon finally and a book. Overall, a very hectic day in hot sun and the best/worst part was I couldn’t get a cab coz they were overbooked! Traveling in public transport has a different charm altogether.
Oh btw, yesterday, I applied Caca Maroon. I kept it for 5 hours almost and still no color as predicted. I told you, right, that Lush Cacas give color only after applying them twice or thrice in a row! It’s a mess but I love it. I still have to see if my hair has got any benefits. 
So, how was your weekend? What did you do?
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    • says

      ummm…actually it really works only when one follows the instructions to T and I love the texture of the hair after applying it! they are just so soft but yeah too expensive for only that!!

  1. Coral Crue says

    Lush is expensive and gives only 20% result.I got the Caca Noir and blew away some cash. Sadly the Lush stores have shut down in the city, no business.
    I like Godrej’s Nature basket too. Mulberries are tasty and squishy. I like them better than blue and black berries. they are not as tart.

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