How to treat a water burn? {Skin Care}

So, on Thursday evening, I inadvertently placed my hand under a running hot water tap and the water was scalding hot. And, it burned my hand for almost a second. But, that was itself enough to burn the hand.

And, that was when I realized that how much can an acid burn scorch the body! The skin on the top wasn’t affected at all. I didn’t get any peeling or any blisters but under the skin it was burning like hell!!
Anyways, I tried out quite a few remedies to improve the condition. Let me discuss them.

Aloevera Gel

Incidentally, when my hand burnt, I didn’t really care much for it. I went on with my usual activities of having bath and getting relaxed in the evening, all with a burning hand. Then, I applied the Rustic Art aloevera gel.

But, honestly, it didn’t really help much. It was cool for a second and back to square one next! Though, I don’t really think it is meant to help with deeper burns! May be aloevera gel from leaf helps though can’t say much but it does soothe superficial burns.

Ice and Iced Water
Well, this was my savior. I have, god knows, wasted how much water that day. But, keeping cold ice on the hand wasn’t really easy either. It hurts equally. This I did when I told my mom about my burnt hand.
And, later, when I was going to bed, I wrapped my hand with wash cloth soaked in ice water. This I kept on changing till I slept off. I kept a very huge bowl of cold water by the bed to dip the hand if I felt any burning. Fortunately, I slept off.
Not the gel ones but the regular white toothpaste. I did apply quite a bit of it but I don’t really think it helped me at all.
Vinegar diluted in Water
Apparently, this helps! Vinegar acts as a painkiller so if you get a painful burn, you can bathe the burn with water diluted with vinegar. I did pour some vinegar once into the iced water I was using but can’t say how much helpful it was.
Sensitivity after the Burn
Ok, those were the few things I did. Honestly, had not my friend insisted so much on the ice water, I would probably have let go of the remedies after an hour only ๐Ÿ˜€
Anyways, the next morning when I got up, I was expecting my skin to be peeling off from the hand but fortunately there was not even a small blister over there. No redness, no scar, nothing!
The only thing was the area was bloody sensitive and if it touched water, I would feel a discomfort. And, I was irritated the entire day because of the slight discomfort I was feeling in the hand.
So, one thing I learnt from the story was that you can burn yourself anytime so always keep a burnol or something else at hand so that it really helps. Once, I remember, a drop of oil fell on my hand when I was frying something. I didn’t do anything and the scar is still there!
So, have you burnt yourself ever? How did you deal with it?


  1. Shoppingaholic says

    Hi Swati, How are you doing?

    Regarding burn cure, I also like to use dough/flour mixed with water. It really helps curing the inflamation.


  2. says

    Burnol nowadays is not recommeded as doctors say running water is the best. Toothpaste also works, should have worked for you.

    Did you get any blisters?

  3. Anonymous says

    long back i burned my right hand wrist area with piping hot water from geyser.n i never told to mom about it. after i finished bathing it started burning like hell. that whole day i had to keep my hand immersed in ice cold water. in morning burning was gone but the terrible thing was the upper layer of skin was terribly burnt and turned complete black. burnol dint helped at dadi applied silverex tube on that burn n it started curing .after some days whole burnt skin came off n i was left with pinkish skin with some burn marks but continued useage of silverx proved to be a blessing for me. i dont have even slightest scar now.. :)
    ice water is something is always rely on.


    • says

      hey Geeta…yes ice or ice water is very helpful in such cases. thankfully mine didn’t burn so much that the skin peeled off but my mom had said it might turn black and peel off!! great that thing worked for you :)

  4. Afreen khan says

    I’m really scared I got a pimple on my face and I applied tiger balm on it and next day I saw the pimple was but the skin on that area turned black it got a chemical burn and on top of that I tried to remove that black skin and now a Redish blackish scar like this is still there on my face I’m really annoyed by this Ittried almost everything honey , calapure lotion, soframycin, mederma andcurcurrently I’m using burnol plz recommend me something which work to fade that bloody scar thing if anyone know. ..?

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