Have you been a parlour girl to anyone? {Your Opinion}

Have you ever been a parlor girl for your friend or mom or dad, may be? I have! And, on the weekend, I did something which I had never done! I applied henna on my friend’s hair with an application brush minus the gloves! 
Results? Fingers and nails which are orange-y! And, I have gotta an engagement to attend in a week! Anyways, when I was henna-ing my friend, this idea struck me. So, this is my question to you all. Have you done any beauty parlor services to anyone?

As regards me, apart from this experience, I am a very good masseur. I don’t know about the body yet but head yes. I give a really good head massage :) I did that for my mom, my dad and some of my friends. And, every time I do it to someone else, I always wish if there was someone who would do it to me as well :)
Waxing is not my cup of tea, though! It requires quite a stroke to pull that piece of strip and it hurts when you yank so that is something I don’t think I can do! But, yes, I have also done facial but I don’t remember doing it to someone else. Though, I do wish I do want to do it to my mom! She is one woman doesn’t really bother about herself but still looks awesome!

And, oh yeah, what about hair styles? I was always a guinea pig for the new styles. I hardly did trials on someone else and then lately I learned some of the new styles which I tried on my hair only! So, sadly, I would love to have a guinea pig for myself but this is where I miss sisters most! Having sisters makes life really easy for maintaining a routine, right? 

So, what about you? Have you been a parlor girl to anyone else? Do you find it fun?
PS: I am sorry but I am not able to check the mails or comments. Please give me sometime. Net sucks over here and the entire weekend was a huge waste of time! I wasn’t able to check or reply to the comments. Shall do so soon enough and let you know and sorry!! :(


  1. says

    I HAVE! I’ve waxed myself and my sister and a friend. And if I may say so myself, I’m really good at it :) You just have to know how to pull it, and how to hold the body so it hurts minimum.

    • says

      haha…that must save you a lot of money!! i can never think of doing waxing on my own! its so difficult to hurt yourself but yeah some people just know how to do it right :)

  2. Coral Crue says

    I have applied face makeup for my sisters, aunts, colleagues and friends for several occasions, weddings and even tied their sarees for them. it was so much fun!

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