Grooming Lessons Vol. 3 – Don’t drag your feet!

I am continuing with this series after a long time. And, honestly, when I think, the lessons or the entire series sound condescending to me! It might project out an image as if I know things better than you and that it makes me in a position to advise you. 

But, let me tell you that neither is that the case nor is such my intention! In fact, in reality, I am never the best dressed person in a regular routine. I am too lazy for that and I just pick anything in front of me. But, yes, there are certain habits which are better if avoided. 
So, I would like to talk about such habits. And, please do not be judging on this series. It is something I am doing for fun, to remind myself to avoid certain things and also to help people remember what they might be doing wrong.
Btw, most of the people know what their short-comings are. Its just that either they hate being reminded of it or they are too lazy to change it! And, some do it sub-consciously. So, lets just go ahead!

Please do not drag your feet
This is something my mom absolutely detests and she always scolds me those few times I do it. In fact, I can empathize with her now that I regularly hear someone else dragging their feet. No doubt it is sure fun to drag feet but it sure is as hell irritating for other’s ears.

Plus, it gives a very wrong notion of your personality. Dragging your feet literally means you are careless and you have no motto in life. Or, it can also put your forward as a sickly person. And, that is definitely what you do not want to project, irrespective of the truth! 

Analyzing the Body Language is something which comes naturally to all humans and we are used to summing up and judging the person and it is a human nature to exaggerate the negatives they can find then and there! So, better not give another negative to add to which is simply non-ingratiating.
What’s your Say?
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