Does your night moisturizer have spf? {Your Opinion}

Where did this question come from? I recently got a product to review and I was too excited to try it out so without checking out the details of the product, I simply used a pea-size amount for the face.

And, then, I sat down checking the details. And, then, I realized it was not an anti-aging serum-cum-mositurizer meant for night but has spf factor of 15. So, it was supposed to be used only in the morning.

And, it got me thinking if the night creams should have spf factor at all? Well, the obvious answer comes to no but the thing is the thing is even lights and television and computer screens emit radiations which harm our skin.
So, technically, should we not protect our skin from them as well? What do you say?
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  1. Anonymous says

    “Even lights and television and computer screens emit radiations which harm our skin”

    Isn’t that being a tad paranoid?

  2. says

    Hi.I think night creams should not contain spf,as there is very low radiation around home at night.our Indian skins have enough melamine to protect us against these minor things,but in day time a sunscreen/sunblock is a must to fight off excess sun rays.

    • says

      does melanin really fight radiation??? i doubt that! it only prevents sunburn for a particular amount of time in the sun. its ok that the night creams should not have spf though. i personally don’t really prefer it!

    • says

      yeah protecting from radiations is true but quite impossible so what we can do is minimize the exposure as much as possible :)
      can i ask you a favor? please don’t leave off the links in the comments. its distracting and looks like spam.

  3. Alvin says

    My skin get darker and darker…iam not using any creams. Such as moisturiser..can u suggest me what to do..iam 20 yrs old..boy..plz help me

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