Do you think you feel more attractive during periods? {Women Stuff}

I know that those few days of the month are really horrible and most of the girls are simply in no mood to take care of themselves. But, yesterday, I came across a different point of view.
My friend said that she had read somewhere that during those days of the month, there is a glow on the face of the girl and she is supposed to be more attractive to the opposite sex.
Apparently, at this time, there is a chemical production which gives a unique scent off the body which is attractive to the male species. Well, I don’t know if any of this is exactly true and I have not yet bothered to google about it. If I do find any evidence, I shall let you know!!
Anyways, the above story of not googling is a story of the past. I was curious and in the middle of an extremely boring meeting and on the verge of falling asleep, I decided its a topic worth googling on.
And, guess what, its not the days when you are menstruating but the days when you are ovulating that you have a glow on the face and give off the unique odor and attract the opposite sex. This is in ritual to the mating of the jungle law.
The time when you are ovulating, you are ready for breeding and that is when the mating actually takes place among the animals. And, though humans have evolved, the primal instincts and rules still apply. It means fertility is more attractive to the opposite gender. And, thus, the females are more attractive than usual at least once a month!
So, did you know about this? 


  1. says

    It’s really true Swati! I feel really beautiful during my periods. And the same thing goes during pregnancy too! Praise the hormones!!!

      • Chichimochi says

        Hi, just wanted to really stress the accuracy of your friend’s opinion. She is totally right. I am most attractive a few days before and during my period. In fact I would say I am exceptionally attractive during those times as I get more attention than usual. Surprisingly that is when I feel most insecure. My skin gets better, glows like the sun, and my other half can’t just get enough of me. But for me my menstruation is a very difficult period for me, I am extremely rude, tired, anxious, bloated. From the research I have done very few women experience this, probably 0.01%. That is the beauty of the human body, how it operate is always a mystery, so many outliers.

  2. says

    When you mentioned what you friend said, I was about to jump to comment section and write the correct thing but then I controlled myself and read the complete post.

    The primal instinct is still alive. Most women even crave for s*x while ovulating like most crave for sweeter things during those not-so-comfortable time. There are soooo many topics linked to this. I think I will do a post on this. You will be amazed to find out a lot of secrets.

    • says

      hehe…glad that you read the post ๐Ÿ˜€ many have missed that essential misconception :) yeah may be the craving part might be true…didn’t really notice ๐Ÿ˜€
      sure, waiting for your post :)

  3. MuthuAzhagu says

    I have also heard from PT Head.. women will have a very good stamina during those days…..

  4. Anonymous says

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