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How can any summer pass-by without me talking about sunscreen :-O That would be a travesty ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways, the reason I did not write about sunscreen till now is first because I wasn’t serious on the blog and second I have written so much on the topic last year. So, if you missed it, you can check out the entire list of posts here.

Anyways, coming back to today’s topic, one thing I have always remained indecisive about is how much sunscreen should be applied. Last time I wrote about this topic, I mentioned the two fingers rule. But, that is actually impractical and I had realized it long back. But, I still tried my best to keep up with it!
But, I was always skeptical and I read a lot on that topic. So, here are my pennies on it.
Two finger rule holds
Yes, you actually have to apply that much sunscreen to give yourself optimum protection. But, re-application is necessary.

Apply according to the Day’s Schedule
If you know you are going to spend the entire day in hot sun, you SHOULD follow the above rule. And, if you already know you will sit inside the house or office and roam only till the in-house canteen or washroom, you can apply enough to cover yourself for the time you are outside.
So, decide according to your needs and schedule. Do not follow any rule blindly but don’t take things in a stride and ignore them either! Its a very delicate balance.
What if my day is unplanned?
Yes, this is worst of the situations! And, always remember that applying sunscreen doesn’t prevent tanning. And, just like you are always ready when it comes to waxing your legs or getting your facials done on time, same rule applies here as well.
Apply sunscreen everyday whether you go out or not and if the outing is sudden, just make do with as much application as possible in the bare minimum of the time. This is where physical sunscreens come more effective as well.
They start working as soon as you apply them whereas the chemical ones need 20-30 minutes of incubation to start working. And, then, when you are outside for the entire day, make sure you reapply the sunscreen every two hours and follow the two finger rule on all parts of the body, specially which are naked.
So, how much amount of sunscreen do you apply everyday?
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