5 Do’s and Dont’s for Hair {Five Series}

It has been ages since I have written any hair care post! But, this year, I have resolved to take more care of my hair. Good news is I am partly succeeding in the resolve.

Last month, sometime, I went to the Arya Vaidya Sala store where an Ayurvedic doc also sits. I consulted him for hair growth. So, following are the tips he gave regarding the hair well-being. They are something we already know but I would like to re-iterate them.

Exercise and Weight Loss
Always keep yourself active and take care of your weight. It is extremely important for healthy hair growth and the overall well-being of the person. Also, exercise improves the blood circulation and carries more oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. 

Tip: Get a relaxing hair massage or use essential oils for improved oxygen flow to the scalp!
No Sugar, Salt and Spices
They interfere with your body’s proper functioning and affect the digestive system as well. Salt bloats you, sugar increases the insulin which leads to hair loss and spices make your digestion haywire. So, make sure you eat balanced nutritional diet keeping all the spices, salt and sugar in control.

Note: You need only 1gm salt in a day which naturally is available to the body without the need to add extra salt!
Oiling the Scalp
Applying a few drops of lighter oils at night like grapeseed or argan oil which improve hair growth is good for hair. They nourish the scalp and improve the hair growth. It is especially important for dry hair as the new growth would have better moisture levels. 
Tip: Using essential oils with the oil improves the hair growth. Peppermint and Rosemary are especially helpful!!
Get a health checkup done!
PCOS, thyroid, diabetes are some of the issues which can cause hair loss and impede hair growth. So, if you are facing any such problem, it is always good to get a health checkup done. Prevention is better than cure! But, a proper health checkup is recommended only when the hair loss or itching or dandruff or any other issue is more than normal.

Tip: Make sure you are exercising properly and eating well and drinking a lots of water because more often than not we do not take care of the normal routine and rush to the doctor for every small thing!!

Drink lots of water
Yes, very very important! Hyderabad is so damn hot that I am literally gulping down the water every 15 minutes and the worst part is everything is evaporating :( It is becoming really difficult but this way I am at least intaking a lot of water. 
Tip: Drink green tea, watermelon juice, cucumber juice or eat cucumber or kakdi or coconut water! 

What are your tips for hair growth?  

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  1. Anonymous says

    I have recently seen your website and read ur useful articles. I have thyroids and it’s about 10 year that I have lost a lot of hair- very disappointing as I am only 32 :(
    I have started oil massage with jojoba and rosemary oil but lost even more hair during and after the process.
    Any suggestions how i can regain my hair?
    Thank you

    • says

      hi…thank you so much for kind words! and, one usually loses hair in thyroid so do not worry about it :) which jojoba and rosemary oil do you use??? it might be possible they are not pure oils. i would suggest use organic cold pressed oils. start with rogan badam almond oil. you get it in pharmacies. and, do scalp massage daily with or without oil. and one thing which you absolutely need to do is exercise. exercises help controlling hormonal productions and imbalances and in thyroid, its very important!! and, read other articles here:

      i have written a lot which i can not mention here :)

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