Weekend Gossip Vol. 9 – New Updates!

Ok, so, I am really really sorry that I have not been present on the blog very sincerely for the past two months. I think I might make a come back pretty soon so cheers for that!! And, I have already finished with the pile of emails in my mail box.

For those who have sent me queries, please give me this weekend to answer you all. And, thanks a lot for your patience!! And, please forgive me for ignoring you all for so long. Sometimes, time can just fly!!
And, for all you people who have left comments on the blog, thank you so so much. I have a huge backlog of around 500 comments to answer and I have just started with them. So, please please bear with me and I am going to answer each and every one of them and let you know the status ASAP.
Love you all and thanks for all your support!
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